OCTOBER 19, 2019 ROTH Remove #MineralDeposits from showerheads and faucets For Casa Grande Dispatch from Rosie on the House

Bring the Sparkle Back to Your Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures

By Radio Host Rosie Romero

Photo 1: Mineral Deposit Faucet

Caption 1: Accumulation of mineral deposits prevents water from flowing steadily.

Photo 2: Clean Laundry

Caption 2: Enjoy fresher laundry from a mineral-free washing machine.

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on new bathroom and kitchen fixtures and appliances. They look new for month, until the nemesis of any fastidious house cleaner appears; mineral deposits.

Removing Mineral Build-Up

Below are some tips to remove mineral deposits.

Sink Fixtures

Fill a small plastic bag halfway with white vinegar.

Attach the bag over the showerhead or faucet with a rubber band.

Leave it for a few hours.

Remove the bag and scrub the fixture with a cleaning cloth.


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