The following people were booked into the Pinal County Adult Detention Center:



  • Thomas Bayze, 35, was arrested for possession/use of drug paraphernalia, theft, trafficking in stolen property and possession misconduct.
  • Joshua Ladner, 38, was arrested for hit and run and aggravated assault with deadly weapon.
  • Valerie Strahan, 40, was arrested for an outstanding warrant.
  • Arther Gil, 33, was arrested for a drug paraphernalia violation.
  • Cassandra Garcia, 41, was arrested for failure to pay fine.
  • Manuel Galvan, 45, was arrested for criminal damage-deface.
  • Scott Price, 38, was arrested for first-degree failure to appear.
  • Raymond Torres, 42, was arrested for disorderly conduct-fighting, misconduct involving weapons and assault with intent to injure.
  • Jaime Espinoza, 35, was arrested for facilitation.
  • Theresa Rose, 49, was arrested for second-degree failure to appear.
  • Lucia Ibarra, 32, was arrested for second-degree criminal trespassing.
  • Joshua Heath, 37, was arrested for possession/use of drug paraphernalia and an outstanding warrant.
  • Monique Quiroz, 37, was arrested for state parole violation.
  • Roderick Davis, 44, was arrested for possession/use of drug paraphernalia.
  • Timothy Nunn, 27, was arrested for a probation violation.
  • James Love, 45, was arrested for possession of dangerous drug for sale, transportation and/or sale of dangerous drug, possession/use of drug paraphernalia, possession/use of a narcotic drug, manufacture of dangerous drug, possession of equipment to manufacture a dangerous drug and possession/use of a dangerous drug.
  • Joseph Pena, 35, was arrested for a probation violation.



  • A theft was reported in the 5600 block of North Spruce Street near Casa Grande.
  • A theft was reported in the 2800 block of North State Route 87 near Randolph.



  • Fraud was reported in the 300 block of South Desoto Street in Florence.
  • An assault was reported in the 100 block of South Pinal Parkway in Florence.
  • Fraud was reported in the 7500 block of West Patriot Way near Coolidge.
  • An assault was reported in the 3500 block of East Desert Moon Trail in San Tan Valley.
  • An assault was reported in the 40700 block of North Ironwood Drive near Queen Creek.

Casa Grande Fire Log


8:02 a.m. — North Trekell Road, cardiac emergency

8:53 a.m. — East Florence Boulevard, behavioral emergency

9:30 a.m. — West Rodeo Road, medical call

9:44 a.m. — East Alida Trail, injured person

10:03 a.m. — East Florence Boulevard, injured person

12:16 p.m. — North Pinal Avenue, motor vehicle collision

1:05 p.m. — East Florence Boulevard, odor check

1:09 p.m. — East Elaine Drive, stroke

1:11 p.m. — East McMurray Boulevard, cardiac emergency

1:46 p.m. — Interstate 10 milepost 190, medical call

1:47 p.m. — North Rosa Lane, medical alarm

2:04 p.m. — East McMurray Boulevard, allergic reaction

2:07 p.m. — East Sabin Drive, fall injury

2:45 p.m. — West Ninth Street, gas leak

2:46 p.m. — East Rodeo Road, seizure

3:34 p.m. — I-8 and I-10, motor vehicle collision

3:42 p.m. — North Pinal Avenue and West Havasupai Drive, motor vehicle collision

3:51 p.m. — North Pinal Avenue, motor vehicle collision

5:03 p.m. — East Avenida Kino, abdominal pain

6:05 p.m. — North French Street, abdominal pain

6:18 p.m. — North Trekell Road, motor vehicle collision

6:26 p.m. — East Ash Avenue, injured person

6:51 p.m. — North Avenue A, cardiac emergency

6:53 p.m. — East McMurray Boulevard, stroke

8:31 p.m. — East McMurray Boulevard, medical alarm

11:06 p.m. — West Jardin Drive, medical call

11:46 p.m. — North Pueblo Drive, medical call


5:17 a.m. — East Florence Boulevard, medical alarm

5:46 a.m. — East Rancho Viejo Loop, difficulty breathing

6:28 a.m. — East Clearview Drive, medical call

7:01 a.m. — North Trekell Road, injured person

7:41 a.m. — East Colorado Loop, nosebleed


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