San Carlos Apache Tribe Logo

Brief history of community — The Apaches are descendants of the Athabascan family who migrated to the Southwest in the 10th century. Over time, many bands of Apache were relocated to the San Carlos reservation from their traditional homelands, which once extended through Arizona and New Mexico. The San Carlos Apache Reservation was established by executive order in 1872.

What tribes make up the community/heritage — The Chiricahua Apache tribe and surrounding Yavapai and Apache bands were forcibly removed from their homelands.

Population — 10,710

Native language — Nnee’

Membership size — 16,760

Geographical size — 1.8 million acres in northern Graham, southeastern Gila and eastern Pinal counties.

Government leaders:

Terry Rambler, Chairman

Tao Etpison, Vice Chairman

Bernadette Goode, Seven Mile District Councilwoman

John Antonio Jr., Seven Mile District Councilman

Frederick Ferreira, Peridot District Councilman

Dr. John Bush, Peridot District Councilman

Velasquez Sneezy Sr., Gilson Wash District Councilman

Simon Hooke, Gilson Wash District Councilman

Allred Pike Jr., Bylas District Councilman

Jonathan Kitcheyan, Bylas District Councilman

Ned Anderson Jr., Bylas District Councilman

Tribal headquarters — San Carlos


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