Book Cover

Cover of Otis Hanby’s debut novel

FLORENCE — A Florence man has released his first book.

“No Take Backs,” written by Otis Hanby of Florence, tells the tale of fictional teen Corey as he faces struggles, peer pressure and conflicts during his formative years in 1990 Garland, Texas.

“The story is a coming-of-age tragedy,” Hanby said. “It’s about a 15-year-old who makes bad decisions because of peer pressure and his life spirals into despair.”

A description of the book reads “In ‘No Take Backs,’ Corey tells a story that is raw, real and conflicted. Life in high school is not consumed by sports and making good grades, but of survival and finding his way — alone.”

Hanby said bits of his own life inspired the tale.

“It is a work of fiction but I drew from some of my own life experiences to write ‘No Take Backs,’” Hanby said.

To complete his book, Hanby worked with the Casa Grande-based writers’ group Chapters, established by Carla Minks.

“In the group, we come together to collaborate and share and critique each other’s work,” Hanby said. “My manuscript went through a critique in the group before I was ready to publish it.”

The self-published book is available in paperback and as an e-book version on Amazon.

Hanby had a meet-and-greet at the Casa Grande Main Library on Saturday and plans additional events in the future.

For more information, visit the author’s page on Facebook under No Take Backs.

“I hope people like the book,” Hanby said. “It’s for anybody who appreciates a tragedy.”