SNL Gosar

PHOENIX — U.S Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona can laugh at himself.

The representative of Arizona's 4th Congressional District , which includes Florence, San Tan Valley and Apache Junction in Pinal County, was mocked in the opening skit on "Saturday Night Live!" over the weekend.

Last week Gosar accused President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen of being a “liar, liar, pants on fire” as he testified in front of the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

“Saturday Night Live” seized on his questioning of Cohen and added it to the show’s opening skit that parodied multiple figures at the hearing.

Halfway through the skit, SNL cast member Kyle Mooney appeared as Gosar and mocked his anger and mispronunciation of words throughout his questioning.

Mooney stumbled through the word “pathological” and yelled “You don’t even know truth from fictionals!” at Cohen, played by Ben Stiller.

Mooney also repeated Gosar’s phrase and added: “If you lie, pants are fire. If you truth, pants are goof.”

This led Stiller to ask, “Do you need medical attention?”

Gosar responded Sunday morning with a tweet indicating he enjoyed the impression and would like to see Mooney play him again.

"I laughed my a$$ off. Good job @kylemooney and rest of cast @nbcsnl If I am to be mocked hire this guy!," Gosar said.

Gosar told KTAR radio he doesn't regret his 'liar, liar, pants on fire' comment.