Fernando Llamas

Fernando Llamas of Eloy trains June 6 at Cobra Fight Club in Casa Grande for his first Muay Thai fight, which he won Saturday in Phoenix.

PHOENIX — The Cobra Fight Club finished 1-5 overall in the Muay Thai and Jujitsu fights at the West Valley Rumble on Saturday.

The only fighter to come out on top from the gym was 14-year-old Fernando Llamas out of Eloy.

Llamas faced off against Danny Fessler in a Muay Thai match and walked away with the victory by decision.

Morgan Lucio, the only female fighter to participate from Cobra Fight Club, lost to Olivia Onofrel by decision.

The 11-year-old went the distance in five, two-minute rounds.

Cobra Fight Club trainer Armando Lucio said Morgan caught a knee to the nose in the third round, but didn’t let it slow her down.

Dakota Gonzalez dropped his match to Chris Huizar by a technical knockout.

Armando Lucio said Gonzalez started off great, but took a hard knee and kick to the body in the second round, which ended his night.

Kody Wayne went three rounds against Omar Fimbres but ultimately lost the fight by decision.

“The fight was a sight to see with head kicks, great knees to the body and some amazing leg kicks,” Armando Lucio told PinalCentral.

Terry Cartwright took an early first round loss to Christian Natividad after being knocked out with a right hook.

Jonathan Ploof was the only Jujitsu fighter for Cobra Fight Club, and he lost in the sixth minute of a seven-minute matchup against Kyle Stewart.

“As a coach, it is hard to see your team take defeats, but it is part of the fight game,” Armando Lucio said. “This was the first time at any event we came back (defeated), it humbled the team because a lot of these guys are used to only winning. I think it’s good they get a taste of defeat every once in a while to keep them grounded.”

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