SCVUHS's FCCLA Chapter works on year end activities

Lisette Portillo, treasurer, from left; Deja Ana Valenzuela, vice president of public relations; Anabel Rios Fernandez, vice president; Janaeya Dudley, president, and, not present, Juan Flores-Juarez, secretary, are the newly elected Board of Directors for the FCCLA chapter at Santa Cruz Valley Union.

ELOY — The Family, Career and Community Leaders of America chapter at Santa Cruz Valley Union High School met after school on Nov. 15 to work on their year end activities.

At the beginning of the school year each Culinary Arts class held a session to select a Vice President for each class to represent them on the FCCLA Board of Directors. The students elected to represent their class periods were: Lisette Portillo, Juan Flores-Juarez, Deja Ana Valenzuela, Anabel Rios Fernandez and Janaeya Dudley. Their duties were to attend the Board meetings and report back to their class on the ongoing activities and conferences and solicit their involvement.

The Vice Presidents met and nominated and voted on the specific offices each was to hold as a part of the Board of Directors. Newly elected to the following positions are Janaeya Dudley as President, Anabel Rios Fernandez as Vice President, Deja Ana Valenzuela as Vice President of Public Relations, Juan Flores-Juarez as Secretary and Lisette Portillo as Treasurer.

The Board approved spending $760 for payment of state and national dues combined for FCCLA.

Discussion was held to participate in the Christmas Shoebox project. The object of this project is to fill a shoebox with a main toy and other fun toys, hygiene items, accessories and school supplies. The boxes will be sent abroad to boys and girls for Christmas. The chapter decided to complete ten shoeboxes and moved to spend no more than $500 on this project. Any leftover funds will be returned to the account.

It was also approved to either purchase and assemble a food basket or purchase a gift certificate for a needy family and a veteran’s family or Gold Star family in our community for Thanksgiving. The officers approved spending up to $300 total on this project.

Plans were made to schedule the Culinary Arts Advisory Committee meeting for Dec. 9. The officers will start planning the appetizers for this meeting as well as sending out invitations to committee members.

FCCLA is a national career and technical student organization for young men and women in Family and Consumer Sciences education and the Culinary Arts program at SCVUHS is affiliated.


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