Michelle Tarango

Former Police Lt. Michelle Tarango, right, poses for a photo with Eloy City Clerk Mary Myers.

ELOY — With Eloy’s city elections rapidly approaching, the candidates have completed their necessary paperwork and will be hitting the campaign trail.

While most of the four candidates for City Council are familiar, a new candidate has joined the fray, saying she wants to help improve the city’s infrastructure and put the people of Eloy first.

Michelle Tarango announced her intention to run for Eloy City Council within the first months of 2022.

While she may be new to politics, she is very familiar with the city, as she is a longtime resident and had a career working with the Eloy Police Department starting in 1996.

“I spent almost 24 years (working) in Eloy, and in that time I worked a lot with the community, so I really tried to build that relationship between the Police Department and the community,” Tarango said. “Over the years I have seen good things and bad things, but I think there have been a lot of good things happening now. I feel that with my background and my experience with the city, I think I can help continue to take Eloy forward.”

Tarango retired from the Eloy Police Department as a lieutenant in 2020. With her knowledge of what goes on within the city limits, Tarango said that her biggest priority, if she is elected to the council, would be to work on improving the city’s infrastructure.

“Our roads are falling apart, we don’t have sidewalks, we don’t have those types of things that make a community good for families,” she said. “We need to make sure that with this growth we have had, that we don’t forget the old parts, and we continue to make those better.”

The council candidate has made it abundantly clear that she wants families to be able to call Eloy home, saying she wants to help continue to make the city safe for parents to raise their children.

While the city has seen a growth spurt recently, with new housing developments and businesses coming in, Tarango wants not only to play a part in creating more growth but to ensure that the development is not rushed and is done the right way.

“We have to make sure that any future growth is well managed,” she said. “I want to make sure that the city as a whole is doing what’s best for all citizens, not just the select few.”

The former police lieutenant has been looking at all facets when it comes to creating more opportunities for people to come in and experience Eloy, whether it be to continue to market the city’s renowned skydiving facility or other outdoor activities.

Tarango said she feels positive about her campaign so far, saying that she hopes her relationships with current city officials as well as her experience working with the people of Eloy will speak for itself when citizens enter the voting booths.

“I think the people in the community will see my record, the respect I gave them and all that I have done in the community and will realize that I could be beneficial as a City Council member,” Tarango said. “I have always wanted what’s best for Eloy, the city is not just mine, it is everyone’s.”


David Church is a reporter covering Eloy, Arizona City and sports. He can be reached at dchurch@pinalcentral.com.

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