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ELOY — The city of Eloy will pay up to $20,000 to Rox Media Group to create an economic development promotional print publication and digital project.

The purpose of the publication is to enhance the city’s economic development efforts.

“It’s really to attract businesses and business relocation here,” said Elaine Earle, publisher and account manager of Casa Grande-based Rox Media Group. “It’s not for your average Joe at Circle K. This is really site selectors.”

The publication will be 20 pages and will be included in the May/June edition of Golden Corridor Living Magazine, which has a 10,000-copy distribution.

On top of that, there will be an additional 10,000 copies for city distribution for a total of 20,000 copies of the publication.

With the approval by the City Council earlier this month, Rox Media Group will be the lead manager on the project. Rox will provide editorial content, edit written content, design the publication layout, provide photography, and print and distribute the publication. The publication will also be linked to the city of Eloy website.

Rox will also provide social media development and manage platforms, e-newsletter, marketing ads and a video for the city.

The total cost for the city for this publication will not exceed $20,000, officials said. A breakdown of expenses includes:

  • $12,800 for printing
  • $4,000 for writing and editing
  • $2,000 for design services
  • $1,000 for photography

City officials say there is money available for such a project.

According to City Manager Harvey Krauss, the city has the funds from its 2 percent tax on food for home consumption. This money is meant for economic and community development purposes.

Krauss also said that there is about $300,000 in available funds.

Elaine Earle, Bea Lueck, Julie Turetzky and Tim Clarke from Rox Media Group were all present at the meeting to answer any questions from the council.

Earle wanted to make sure that the council didn’t feel like it was going to get the exact same thing as past clients, like Casa Grande.

“Don’t be concerned that you are going to look just like Casa Grande, because we have a very talented design team led by Tim (Clarke). It won’t even look like the same people did it because you need to have your own brand, your own look and your own message,” Earle said.

City officials said the publication will be a great marketing tool to tell businesses why Eloy would be a good place to start a business or relocate a business, especially with Interstate 10 and railway so close to the city.

“I think it is something that we have really needed," Councilman Daniel Snyder said. "There’s a lot happening in Pinal County, and I think this gives us a piece to piggyback with when people are coming into Pinal County because they are seeing what’s going on in here."

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