Eloy Intersection

The intersection of three streets is currently the only way to access Third Street as it is a one-way street between Main Street and Stuart Boulevard.

ELOY — In an effort to make one intersection easier to navigate for both vehicles and pedestrians, Eloy is working on a plan to improve the five-way junction of Frontier Street, Main Street and Third Street.

While there are still a lot of details left to be ironed out, the City Council on Jan. 25 approved closing Third Street where it intersects with Main and Frontier streets.

The intersection between the three streets is currently the only way to access Third Street, as it is a one-way street between Main Street and Stuart Boulevard.

Frontier Street currently has a turn in each direction toward Main Street. Main Street offers three lanes at the intersection that allow for left and right turns as well continuing straight.

Following the council’s approval, removable bollards will be placed at the intersection near Main Street to close off Third Street, which will become a two-way street that can only be accessed from Stuart Boulevard.

The main reason for eliminating access from Main Street and Frontier Street is to improve the safety for Pinal/Gila Community Child Services, which is located on Third Street.

The city has received comments about the area as some drivers do not obey the one-way rule and often speed through the street as a shortcut.

According to Public Works Director and City Engineer Keith Brown, the purchase and installation of the bollards will cost less than $20,000.

Vice Mayor Andrew Rodriguez expressed his concern about people going through the vacant Sonic restaurant and using the alley to Third Street from Main Street.

“We can’t prohibit access from it,” Brown said. “We can look at putting some signage to deter that. It’s going to be more cumbersome to go through a parking lot and an alleyway.”

Police Chief Chris Vasquez said that it will take some educating efforts from the Police Department and city staff so that the public knows how to access Third Street properly.

“That is a traffic violation, using private property to avoid a traffic control device,” Vasquez said.

He added that initially officers can give out warnings to those who attempt to go through the alley but after a period of time, there will be citations.

With help from Horrocks Engineering, the city looked at several ways to improve the intersection including narrowing streets and adding a roundabout.

“If you’ve ever traversed that intersection, there’s a lot going on there to try to make a turn in a car or if you’re a pedestrian, there’s a lot of different ways you have to look to try to cross those streets,” Brown said.

Councilman Georges Reuter is a big fan of roundabouts and has pushed for adding them in difficult to navigate areas.

Brown told the council that a roundabout is not the best option for this intersection because the cost is high and the proximity to the railroad could cause a long backup when a train was passing through.

The other option is to narrow the number of lanes on Frontier Street and Main Street at the intersection and add a cul-de-sac on Third Street. A pedestrian crosswalk with a signal would be added to Frontier Street farther west from the intersection.

“Due to the turning lane (on Frontier Street) we can’t have the crosswalk through there,” Brown said. “We’re pushing it back to before that turn lane. All these actions are to assist the pedestrians to make is safer and they don’t have these large areas of pavement to have to cross.”

Brown told the council that apart from the installation of the bollards to close off access to Third Street, the rest of the plans for the intersection are conceptual ideas for a later time.

During the meeting the council also adopted an ordinance to rezone five parcels on the southwest corner of Hanna and Sunland Gin roads.

The City Council also accepted the comprehensive annual financial audit for fiscal year 2019-20, which was completed by Heinfeld, Meech & Co.


Maria Vasquez is the Sports Editor for PinalCentral. She can be reached at mvasquez@pinalcentral.com.

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