ELOY — Two high school teachers in Eloy have quit to take jobs with the elementary school district, and the husband of one of them says this is because of ongoing issues at Santa Cruz Valley Union High School.

In the call to the public portion of the SCVUHS District Governing Board meeting April 12, school guidance counselor Frank Jimenez voiced frustrations and concerns regarding what he called unfair issues that need to be addressed.

Jimenez told the board that his wife, Leticia, who was an English teacher at the high school, had to make the difficult decision to quit. He said that there is a problem if teachers are leaving, not because they want to, but because they feel they have no choice.

“When she made the decision to leave, it was hard. She had the opportunity to go back to her old stomping grounds at the junior high,” Jimenez said.

On April 10, the Eloy Elementary School District board approved hiring Leticia Jimenez and Michelle Garrison. Leticia Jimenez will be a sixth-grade language arts teacher and Garrison will be an eighth-grade language arts teacher, both at Eloy Junior High.

“To have them will be a benefit not only to the main student body but to our ELL (English language learner) students,” said EESD Superintendent Ruby James.

Frank Jimenez told the high school district board it is very concerning when good teachers are getting good evaluations yet they are still quitting. This is a big problem at all levels for concerned teachers, counselors, parents, colleagues and anyone associated with the district, he said.

Not only is this hard on the teachers and staff, but it is even harder on the students with all the vacancies and all the different changes of teachers throughout the year, he said.

“I just think that thorough thought as well as discussion needs to be done; we all know that this school is under school improvement; we all know that losing two teachers in the English department isn’t ideal. Are we looking at these decisions and saying that these are the best decision for our kids? I think that is one thing we all have to ask ourselves, because if not, then our school is going to hit a brick wall,” Jimenez said.

Later in the meeting when the topic of National Honor Society and Student Council came up, it was said that the school needed to get someone in to supervise both of those programs. That struck another nerve with Jimenez because he claims that the administration continues to pick the same people for assignments of that nature.

“To me it kind of seems like one person gets a lot of money on this campus and we’re looking at all this ‘Red for Ed,’ and this one person is getting this stipend,” Jimenez said.

The “one person” was never identified.

Principal Orante Jenkins told the board that the reason certain individuals are chosen to supervise extracurricular activities is because they have proven that they can handle the responsibility that comes along with the assignment.