ELOY — City Council members and city employees got a firsthand glimpse inside the new City Hall last week.

“Today was my first day walking through it and actually being able to touch it,” Mayor Joel Belloc said. “It just makes me feel very proud, and I’m glad that we’re on schedule as far as construction and we’re not having any additional cost added to the budget. I’m very excited to see the final project.”

Last month’s progress report stated that the fire sprinkler installation and interior overhead plumbing, electrical and mechanical work were continuing.

The interior insulation and drywall were started along with roofing and onsite concrete curbing. During the tour, Belloc, Councilman Andrew Rodriguez and Councilman-elect Georges Reuter walked into the council chambers for the first time.

“I’m very happy that we decided to do this facility,” Belloc said. “I think it’s going to enhance this whole area. I was involved with some of the layouts, and so far it’s coming through the way we envisioned it.”

Also shown during the tour was the finance building, community development area and an up-close view of the entrance facade with donated saguaro cactuses.

City Hall will also feature a community room for community members to rent for small gatherings and parties.

“I’m excited to see the finished project,” Belloc said. “This will be something our citizens can come and be a part of and enjoy it every day they come in.”

City officials expect the project to be completed by March, with a grand opening slated for April.


Maria Vasquez is the Sports Editor for PinalCentral. She can be reached at mvasquez@pinalcentral.com.

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