Joel Belloc

Eloy Mayor Joel Belloc is recovering from back surgery in May.

ELOY — It’s been more than six weeks since Vice Mayor Micah Powell took over mayoral duties after Joel Belloc underwent back surgery.

On May 11 the Eloy City Council approved the transfer on an interim basis to Powell and also excused Belloc’s absence from the previous two council meetings.

During the following council meeting, on May 26, Belloc participated via telephone and has continued to do so.

“I want to express to the council my appreciation for the support and prayers, and also the staff,” Belloc said during the May 26 meeting. “I am happy to be back home and resting. Thank you very much for the time, and I appreciate it.”

Before the May 26 meeting, Belloc had missed the previous two meetings. According to the city code, if a council member is absent for more than two consecutive regular council meetings without the consent of the other members and it is recorded, then that member will no longer be a city official.

The council approved Belloc’s absence, and he since has participated via telephone.

As for the other mayoral duties, Powell has continued to fill in.

City Manager Harvey Krauss told PinalCentral that technically Belloc is still in charge.

“We have taken documents to him and get him to sign them, but sometimes it’s just easier for Micah to do it since he’s here,” Krauss said.

The council will hold a special meeting next week and depending on how Belloc is feeling, he may participate in person.

Powell and Belloc are running against each other for mayor in the August primary election.