They’re originally from Mexico, but they came together and formed a norteño group three years ago in Tucson.

The initial plan was to try performing together for a year to see how things would work out and little by little, Los Compas de Arizona have been gaining traction within the state and in Mexico.

Torres decided to meet up with the other three guys and asked them if they wanted to form a group.

“We had a time frame of one year and if it didn’t work out then we would each go our separate way,” he said. “But as time went on, the public started liking us and accepted us, and time just flew by.”

The group in made up of Jorge Luis Torres, Joel Orduño, Fernando Ruiz and Rodrigo Soto Galvez.

“People have liked this group during the three years,” Torres said. “They’ve liked our cover songs as well as some of our own work. People have liked us here in Arizona and Mexico, and we’re progressing in the music scene little by little.”

Since started the group, Torres said that what they enjoy most besides playing music together is their friendship.

“We have a good relationship and a good friendship,” he said. “We get together all the time to work on songs and our performance or just to talk.”

Los Compas de Arizona have some original songs that are slowly making their way onto the airwaves, but their forte at the moment are cumbia norteñas.

“The people of Eloy should anticipate a good atmosphere,” Torres said. “Our music is lively, it will get people dancing. Like the kangaroo song goes, ‘the song is danced from the little boy to the old man.’ We bring a family environment.”

Some of the original songs that Torres and Orduño have composed include, “Hoy Te Dire”, “Besos Sin Sabores” and “A Mis Viejos”.

The group is also familiar with Eloy and the surrounding areas after having played at different events in Toltec, Coolidge and Casa Grande.

“They always open the doors for us and we feel at home,” Torres said. “We’re very thankful for all the people in that area.”

Los Compas de Arizona will be the final performers on Friday night and will kick-off their set at 8 p.m.