ELOY — The sweet craze that is the Chocolate Olympics found its way into the Santa Cruz Library on Nov. 7 as part of the library’s International Games Week.

“I had seen something like this on Pinterest and I wanted to incorporate it into International Games Week,” said library staffer Mari Lopez. “I want to do this and include the teen group and do something for all the kids here at the library.”

The Chocolate Olympics was an addition to International Games Week.

“We were looking for events to push things through the week, and this seemed like a natural thing,” said Rus Ketcham, library director. “You know Olympics, Olympic Games and International Games.”

About 15 kids participated in the Olympic events that included: Oreo stacking, taste testing, the sorting challenge, the chocolate milk race, what’s in the jar? and the doughnut-eating challenge.

“This was the first year that we’ve done it,” Ketcham said. “We had no prior experience or history to go on. Some events we know will have a big turnout because they have in the past, but when you have a first-time event you really don’t know. But when you have chocolate and kids, I thought ‘Yeah, that’ll go well.’ ”

In the Oreo stacking challenge, contestants raced against each other to see who could stack their Oreos quickest without the stack falling. For the sorting challenge, the competitors had to group M&M’s by color.

For the taste test, the competitors were blindfolded and given different chocolates and they had to guess what kind it was.

In what’s in the jar?, contestants had to guess how many chocolates were in four different jars.

The milk race tested the competitors’ agility, as they had to race through an obstacle course with a glass full of chocolate milk. The winner was the racer left with the most milk in the cup.

The doughnut-eating contest had contestants attempting to eat a chocolate doughnut suspended from the ceiling without using their hands.

“I think the doughnut one was the most fun,” Lopez said. “Kids can play around and get messy. Hopefully we can do this again and get more kids involved next time.”

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