Mala influencia

Courtesy photo

ELOY -- Before they became Grupo Mala Influencia, founder Jorge Bautista began a group called Trankaso Sierreño in 2015.

That band was short lived due to some differences between band members, Bautista ultimately decided to go a different direction after the problems became consistent despite multiple efforts of trying to get band back together.

“There’s a good harmony now between the group, and the public has accepted us as well,” Bautista said. “The music is still basically the same, there’s just some different band members.”

The band members include Angel Gortarez, Jesus Sotelo and Erik Felix alongside Bautista and two of his children Andres and Anyssa.

“My daughter is 9 years old and when she was little and we would practice she really liked the music and learned how to play the g{span}ü{/span}iro,” Bautista said. “Andres has always been with me since he was a boy and he learned to play the piano and then picked up the accordion and now he plays the bass, then when he got older he just joined the band.”

Bautista added that to him it’s a beautiful thing to have his kids as part of the band.

“Weekends are normally when people spend time with their family because they work during the week,” he said. “By having this band my family is basically always with me. My other son is a DJ and he’s also typically with us when we perform. Music is something we really love and whenever we go out to perform we also get to visit different places together.”

Mala Influencia has performed through out the state of Arizona as well as Colorado.

The band’s main focus is on cumbias and aim to get the crowd dancing with their cover version of popular songs like “La Colaless,” “La Chona,” and “El Muñeco”.

“It’s the type of music that most people look for,” Bautista said. “We work more in family events like weddings and quinceañeras because of the atmosphere. We’ve always heard about the Fiestas in Eloy and have wanted to be part of the event.”

Mala Influencia will perform at 5:30 p.m. on Friday.