ELOY β€” High school graduation is a special occasion all on its own as students get one night to celebrate achieving that milestone.

Santa Cruz Valley Union High School celebrated its 82 graduates on May 16 in a ceremony showcased with some rare moments that tend to be missing at bigger schools.

In Eloy, members of a tight knit community wear a wide variety of different hats.

Mark Sauceda was named the valedictorian and his mother, Anna Bell, is vice president of the Santa Cruz Valley Union High School District governing board.

Along with giving his speech to his fellow classmates and a packed bleacher section, Sauceda had a moment that few graduates have the opportunity of experiencing.

When the time came for the students to receive their diplomas, the school district board members were the ones who presented them, and Bell was the one who handed Mark his.

β€œIt just felt like I was finally done, and my mom was there to let me know that I was done, too,” Sauceda said.