ELOY — The Santa Cruz Valley Union High School District will not be able to continue its budget override after the failure of Proposition 458.

The budget override’s final unofficial vote posted Thursday is 482 “no” and 445 “yes.”

SCVUHSD Superintendent Orlenda Roberts spoke about her disappointment in the vote not resulting in an increased budget for Santa Cruz while saying how she just wants what is best for the Dust Devil students and faculty.

“I was really hoping that it would pass, there are just so many needs for the district,” Roberts said. “Since it did not pass this time, we will lose funding that we desperately need to help maintain some of our programs. I’m disappointed for the kids, because this is all about the kids in the community and trying to provide the best possible educational experience that we can for them.”

According to Roberts, with the school’s budget override unable to attain the crucial approval it needed, some programs that SCVUHS provides will have to be cut. One of the programs that has already been eliminated due to budget cuts was the construction and welding program, which was a huge blow, according to Roberts, mentioning how the demand for jobs in that field is very high and a big industry in Pinal County.

Although the vote did not go the way Roberts was hoping, the mission stays the same for her, doing everything she can in order to provide the best education for the youths in Eloy.

“We are still providing full and rich classroom experiences for kids and providing as many sports and extracurricular activities as we can,” Roberts said. “Santa Cruz is still going to continue to function, we are still going to try and provide an excellent program for our students. We will do our best to try and fill in the gaps. We have had volunteers, we have had people make donations to the school. We will do our best to make sure that our kids are not missing the things that they truly need to have a full and rich educational experience.”


David Church is a reporter covering Eloy, Arizona City and sports. He can be reached at

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