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ELOY — Results from the election earlier this month have the Santa Cruz Valley Union High School District board preparing for cuts since the 15% budget override renewal failed.

The board briefly discussed the next steps during its monthly board meeting last week, with Business Manager Debi Tabeling mentioning that the override would be phased down to 10% next year instead of 15%.

“Next year our override will now be 10% of the budget instead and that is over $150,000 that we’re going to have to cut from our budget next year and that doesn’t include declining enrollment,” Tabeling said to the board.

Some board members pointed out that they were asked where the public could turn in the ballots because there weren’t any notices directing them. It was an all-mail ballot.

The district will have a work session prior to making budget cuts for the next fiscal year at a later date.

During the meeting the board also discussed the school’s state letter grade and questioned if it was possible to appeal for a higher grade.

Santa Cruz Principal Orante Jenkins told the board that after checking with staff there weren’t any areas in which the school could appeal.

The State Board of Education released school letter grades last month and Santa Cruz improved from a “D” to a “C.”

In a letter sent out to parents, Jenkins stated that while the school is pleased with the improvement from the previous grade, it is only one way to measure the school’s performance.

“It is a snapshot in time, representing one cycle of testing, merely one variable and not reflective of everything happening in our great school,” Jenkins said in the letter.

At the beginning of the meeting, band director Joshua White received a $500 donation from the Sunrise Optimist Club of Casa Grande for the Santa Cruz band.


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