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ELOY — The Eloy Elementary School District governing board held a special meeting Tuesday morning to discuss the proposed budget for the next fiscal year.

The 2020 budget will include a salary increase for certified staff and non-certified staff.

The proposed budget of $5,452,672 includes a six percent salary increase for certified staff and a four percent increase for non-certified staff.

According to the district’s business manager Edward Sauceda the budget is very similar to last year’s with the exception that this year’s override increased from 10 to 15 percent.

The district will also receive an increase in the 301 fund, which went up $14 per student.

The primary tax rate will remain the same at $3.49

The board also approved to increase the salary for Superintendent Ruby James, Sauceda and each principal at Curiel Primary School, Eloy Intermediate School and Eloy Junior High School.

“Right now we are looking at the gap between the teachers and our principals is close,” James told the board. “With the raise that the state is giving the teachers, some teachers salaries are getting real close to the principals’.”

Last year the district gave a one percent increase to administrators to widen the gap a little.

James recommended that the five administrators should also receive a six percent increase.

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