ELOY — It was a busy day for most of the students in the Eloy Elementary School District.

Eloy Intermediate School and Eloy Junior High School kicked off their morning Sept. 19 with the Hunger Awareness Fun Run. In the afternoon both schools were joined by Curiel Primary for the district’s annual anti-bullying rally with this year’s theme being "Kindness, One Size Fits All."

“It’s a complete effort on behalf of parents, students, staff and administration to maintain and sustain a bully-free school district,” Superintendent Ruby James said. “It takes everybody’s effort, when we say we are zero tolerance, we stand behind zero tolerance for bullying. When it is reported, it is taken care of immediately.”

During the rally, James along with all three school principals and student council members recognized school counselor Shenetta Osei and Eloy Police Department Cpl. Calvina Singleton.

“She’s a defender of rights for children; she’s a defender of rights for women; she stand tall behind her badge; she has served and continues to serve our country and our community,” James said of Singleton.

Singleton was given a pair of angel wings for serving the community and the country. She added that whenever there is a serious problem at one of the schools, Singleton is the one law enforcement officer they always ask for.

“This means a lot,” Singleton said. “I work hard for the community of Eloy because I love the city of Eloy, I come from a small town just like Eloy. I try to come in the schools and have lunch with you guys because like Ms. James, I care about each and every student sitting in this room. If you ever need me for anything, whether I have this uniform on or you see me in a Fry’s grocery store, if you need me, I am there. I promise you, I’m there.”

James also mentioned that as the superintendent she tries to give something that has meaning when recognizing community members.

“This individual has done so much for all of us,” James said to the crowd of students. “She is a gift to us, she could go anywhere in the world but she chooses to stay with Eloy Elementary. We only have one of her, but not one of us feels like we have ever been given the attention that she gives each of us, even though it is one single woman. When I think about kindness, this lady, this woman, this gift to Eloy Elementary, she always chooses kindness.”

Osei was presented with a wooden canvas that reads “Choose Kindness."

“I love you guys,” Osei said. “That’s all I can say because sometimes love can cover so much, but it’s a pleasure and an honor to be here. I have to give kudos to Ms. James because she got me here and I can’t do my job by myself so I depend on a lot of people to come to me and talk to me.”

Osei also thanked the school nurses and the secretaries for keeping her in the loop and helping her do a better job of reaching out to the students.


Maria Vasquez is a reporter covering Eloy, Arizona City and sports. She can be reached at mvasquez@pinalcentral.com.