ELOY — The Santa Cruz Valley Union High School District is looking to fill four teaching and staff positions for the upcoming school year.

According to Superintendent Orlenda Roberts, the district is searching for earth science, English and chemistry teachers along with a drop-out prevention liaison.

“We have applicants that we will be setting up interviews with,” Roberts told the governing board.

Roberts added that if the teaching positions cannot be filled, the district will continue to use ASU Prep digital instruction.

Originally the district was looking to hire an additional teachers for math and English, but due to low attendance numbers those two positions will remain vacant.

“With the current staff our numbers are going to be pretty good,” Roberts said. “Some classes may be a little bit higher, but due to the decrease in enrollment we should still have very good numbers.”

The average class size at Santa Cruz last year was about 25 students.

During the meeting the board adopted a $3.8 million budget for fiscal year 2019-20.

According to Business Manager Debi Tabeling, the district’s tax rates will be lower this year.

“It looks like our taxes are going to be slightly less than they were last year,” Tabeling told the board. “We haven’t finalized them yet, but they will be less.”

School opens Monday at Santa Cruz Valley Union High School.


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