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Eloy Fiestas Patrias celebrates culture and heritage
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ELOY — After the 2020 event was forced to cancel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Eloy’s Fiestas Patrias returned to the downtown area to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, Hispanic Heritage Month and the culture that makes Eloy what it is.

The event was an all-day attraction on both Friday and Saturday, with food vendors and music from acts like La Brissa and Eloy native Olivia Calderon.

Eloy Vice Mayor and Fiestas Committee President Andrew Rodriguez was thrilled with the turnout of the event, saying that this year’s Fiestas were the biggest they have ever put on.

“I’m really glad that everyone came together to be a part of the Fiestas,” Rodriguez said. “We had people from all over the state of Arizona come in, people from Tucson, Phoenix, we even had a family from Peoria who wanted to come down and see it. It was a good thing that Eloy showed out and we showed our true Eloy colors, and we prevailed.”

Rodriguez said that he and his team lost count of how many people were in attendance at one point, as people came in droves to check out what Eloy was doing in celebration of their heritage and culture.

“I think this event will show that Eloy is changing, and changing for the good,” Rodriguez said. “It showed that there are good people that live here in Eloy, and the food vendors that were there are from Eloy and now own their businesses, they know where their home is.”

Even after the event officially ended, people who attended stayed to continue the party after hours, continuing to dance and have a good time.

For Rodriguez, an event like this was something he always wanted to do for his community. He thanked the rest of the Fiestas committee for their help in putting the event on and thanked them for all of their hard work on preparing for the event.

“I have been able to put events like this on for people outside of Eloy, but never had the opportunity to do it in Eloy. So when I was given this opportunity, believe me, I took it,” Rodriguez said. “When you have good people who are dedicated to the city, who are willing to work for the city, good things happen. We had record attendance, and over 50 vendors; that has never been done before. It takes an army to put the Fiestas together, the entire committee deserves a lot of credit.”

After this year’s event was such a big hit, time will tell what the city does to out-do it next time.

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Eloy Fiestas: The outsider's perspective

With zero experience of going to a fiesta, I was not sure what to expect when I attended the Eloy Fiestas Patrias last Friday. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of fun the event had for everyone, including me.

It was an evening filled with food, music and dancing. I spoke with Eloy Vice Mayor Andrew Rodriguez, who told me that this was one of the biggest Fiestas the city has ever had, and that was evident. The event was filled with people just having a good time.

One of the biggest takeaways from the event was the appreciation of the culture and heritage of Eloy. I have never had a chance to experience a city filled with rich and vibrant culture like Eloy. It is a recognition of the past, as well as the future, and that was an awesome thing to experience.

I have been the Eloy reporter for almost three months now, and in that short time, I have noticed how much the people of Eloy care for their community; the Fiestas was just another example of that. People coming together to be with one another, and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

The Fiestas Patrias shows what Eloy is capable of. I think Eloy has a great future ahead, and I can’t wait for next year’s Fiestas and to see the growth and development of the city.