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Arizona City Chamber looking into different ways to promote businesses
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ARIZONA CITY — The Arizona City Chamber of Commerce is looking for different ways to attract new members and keep current ones in the loop as to what’s going on around town.

During its monthly luncheon at the Tumbleweed Inn in Eloy last week, Vice President Frank McLaughlin announced to the handful of attendees that the chamber is looking at different marketing outlets to promote the chamber and the different businesses.

The chamber is looking to team up with Blossom Digital Marketing, a division of Kramer Media, which publishes the Arizona City Independent, to send out a quarterly email newsletter to all residents in the area.

One of the main purposes for the newsletter would be as a sort of introduction to those who are new to the area and a way for the chamber to earn some money by selling ad spaces promoting the businesses around town, such as the business of the month.

“Right now we don’t have a whole lot to offer to our members with everything shut down and no Arizona City Daze,” chamber Treasurer Nancy Hawkins said. “It wasn’t so much of a focus, what can we do for the chamber, it was more of a focus on what we can do for our members to give them something that will make it worthwhile to be a member in our organization.”

Arizona City Independent ad representative Linda Metz was at the luncheon on behalf of Blossom Digital Marketing and stated that the chamber can select which people it wants to target as far as a specific demographic such as age or ZIP code location.

“We’re talking about 10,000 emails, we’re talking about a cost of $300, that’s the net cost,” Metz said. “Where the chamber goes with that number is up to the chamber. Do you want to just cover that $300? Or do you want to make an extra $100; in order to do that then you will decide how many ad spaces you want, what is the gist of the body email and what do your ads look like? It depends on what your ultimate goal is.”

Hawkins added that the chamber is thinking about also reaching people in Casa Grande to draw in more audience.

One of the attendees asked if an email blast was the best way to go about promoting the chamber, stating that people get a lot of emails that they don’t bother to pay attention to.

“If you get an email from the Arizona City Chamber, you may be more interested in it,” Metz said. “The traditional newspaper advertising way has challenges and social media certainly has challenges. Digital is out there, this is part of it.”

The chamber board has not made an official decision about the newsletter.