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Preservation group aims to reopen AZ City golf course by November
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ARIZONA CITY — Following last month’s Arizona City Chamber of Commerce luncheon that left a few attendees with more questions than answers about the revitalization of the golf course, this month’s guest speaker, Rick Moore, provided plenty of details.

Moore is on the board of directors of the group that is leasing the golf course and restaurant from the Arizona City Sanitary District.

Moore said two companies are part of leasing the golf course; one is Arizona City Capital Investment, which handles the financial side of the golf course, and the other is Arizona City Golf Course Preservation, which will handle the operation of the golf course and restaurant.

“We are seeking investors,” Moore said. “We need to raise $1.1 million to get it off the ground. Right now, we’ve raised a little over $700,000 and it’s from community support, it’s individual support from families that live on the course and off the course. The investment side will be loaning the money to the operating side to operate; the operating side is set up as a nonprofit.”

Shares are $1,000 each with a minimum five-share buy-in.

Along with revitalizing the golf course, the group plans to remodel the restaurant and develop the portion of the property that is located east of the parking lot where the driving range was once located.

Moore said there also are plans to create a dog park, pickleball courts and putt-putt golf.

Stephanie Cosand said she has raised her kids in Arizona City and is also a real estate agent who has sold houses to the younger generation.

“For a long time, Arizona City was considered to be a retirement community,” Cosand said, “and it’s refreshing and nice for you guys to be thinking forward about providing something for the community to do. As a person that’s raised kids in this community, it has been a challenge for them to find things to do.”

Moore added that all these ideas will not get done right away and are part of the organization’s five- to seven-year plan.

Part of the lease agreement between the group and the sanitation district is that all parts of the golf course, restaurant and bar must be renovated. The sanitation district is allowing the group to renovate the different parts of the property instead of paying for a lease.

The sanitation district originally asked for $5,000 per month and the group offered putting $60,000 a year into renovating the facilities.

According to Moore, about $300,000 of capital improvements will be done over a five-year period. The first part of this year’s renovation is replacing the air-conditioning units in the restaurant.

The group is aiming to officially open the golf course and restaurant by Nov. 1.

Moore announced that the name of the restaurant will change from Duffer’s Bar and Grill to The Tap In Bar and Grill. The golf course will also be renamed the Arizona City Golf Club.

“It’s exciting but it’s daunting,” he said. “Just please be patient with us, it’s going to take time but that is the goal and we’re going to do everything we can.”