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Arizona City seeing a rise in home sales
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ARIZONA CITY — The housing market in Arizona has seen a big boom recently, and with the opportunity there, Arizona City has found a way to get in on the action.

During the November Arizona City Chamber of Commerce luncheon last week, the members heard some good numbers for the market in a three-month period, spanning from Aug. 17 to Nov. 17.

According to the market analysis, Arizona City has seen 89 homes sold, with 51 more pending closure. The city has even more opportunities for potential homeowners as well, with 39 properties still on the market.

Nancy Hawkins is the broker at Hawkins & Associates Realty Inc., which has been listing and selling real estate since 2004. She said she is happy with the amount of homes being purchased and sees it as a great opportunity for Arizona City.

“It has been a good market for about the past year and a half or so, and it has stabilized somewhat,” Hawkins said. “We were really increasing prices at a very rapid pace, and they have stayed on the high side, so that enables builders to come in. We are just seeing a lot of increase in homes and sales in general.”

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic stalling many businesses in the state, Hawkins said that her team never slowed down.

“It really never affected us,” Hawkins said. “Business kept on going and people kept on buying. It was really surprising how it did not affect us as much.”

With the average price of the homes sold being just over $250,000, Hawkins believes that this is only going to benefit Arizona City, as the increase in homes and residents means more opportunities in the future for local business and for a more well-rounded community.

“Even right now in Arizona City, you can see where the traffic has doubled, and everything has doubled,” Hawkins said. “We are seeing a few more stores coming in, and with all the companies coming through to Casa Grande, this is a bedroom community to Casa Grande, so it is going to do nothing but increase everywhere. As long as that demand remains, and the jobs stay here, it should be a good forecast for the city.”

Arizona City’s Fire District and Association annual Kick-Off to the Holidays
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ARIZONA CITY — The Arizona City Fire District and Association continues to give back to the community as much as possible through these difficult and challenging times. This year, the Arizona City Fire District and Association’s Holiday Season will kick off with the annual “Santa-Fly-In” and the “Tree lighting” that will take place on Friday, Dec. 3 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m..

Santa and Mrs. Claus will arrive at 5 p.m. when they arrive by helicopter at dusk to hit the switch on the District’s lighted Christmas tree. Last year, over 600 goodie bags were handed out, along with other treats.

This year, the district and association will be handing out pre-bagged candy and goodies, along with a candy cane to each child.

Social distancing and safety practices will be mandated if needed to be observed throughout the evening depending on the state and county regulations at the time.

Children can line up after the tree lighting for a picture with Santa, Mrs. Claus and Santa’s sleigh until 8 p.m.

For the past several years, the Arizona City Fire District and Association have delivered Christmas Day meals to seniors, homebound residents and those unable to prepare a meal or have family or friends to be with that day. This program has been well received and one of the most heartfelt ways of giving back to the Arizona City community.

Last year, over 62 prepared hot meals consisting of turkey, ham, dressing, mashed potatoes with gravy, vegetable, roll and a slice of pie were delivered starting around 11 a.m. Christmas Day.

Fire District employees, their families and giving community volunteers donate part of their day and deliver this act of caring throughout the early afternoon.

Those seniors and residents fitting the criteria who express a need for having a dinner delivered this year or know someone who fits our criteria and would benefit from a Christmas visit and dinner, please contact Frank McLaughlin at the Fire District office at 520-466-5542 on or before Dec. 15.

The Arizona City Fire District and Association strive to make our community a better place, especially for the seniors over the Holidays. The association is extremely grateful for all those who volunteer, purchase dinners and the generous donations the association has received over the year.

The association is here for the community and the association is here because of the community and its support.