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Toltec School District logo

The current Toltec School District logo is a drawing of a school no longer used as a school.

ARIZONA CITY — Toltec School District Superintendent Denise Rogers sent out a letter to parents and guardians on what the district is doing at both Arizona City Elementary and Toltec Elementary schools to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Rogers told the district Governing Board Wednesday night that state Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman and the county health department did not recommend school closures.

Rogers added that if there are any changes, that the Arizona Department of Education, public health officials and other department officials will work with the district.

As for the Toltec district, it is taking precautionary measures and has purchased new disinfectant and hand sanitizing machines.

The hand sanitizing machines won't arrive until March 19, which is during the district's spring break.

"The disinfectant is used by health care facilities so it's top notch to kill viruses," Roger said. "The hand sanitizing is a foamy hand sanitizer that is used in health care facilities that is proven to kill bugs.

The letter sent home urged that the children should wash their hands with soap and that the use of hand sanitizer was advised.

"This is all just common sense," Rogers said. "Don't touch your face when you've been touching other things, and cover your cough. It's basically just common sense that we do protective measures that we should already be practicing."


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