Lamb in Washington

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, in uniform with hat, stands behind President Donald Trump at a March 2019 press conference at the White House in Washington.

CASA GRANDE — Following his announcement that he had tested positive for COVID-19, the whereabouts of Sheriff Mark Lamb or who else might have been exposed to the virus through his public appearances has been unclear.

PinalCentral has attempted to contact Lamb on multiple occasions since Wednesday’s announcement made over Facebook that he tested positive as part of precautionary measures taken by the White House before he was to meet with President Donald Trump. Lamb said it is likely he came into contact with someone with the coronavirus during a campaign event on June 13.

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office had closed its offices to the public earlier in the week before Lamb announced he tested positive.

Neither Lamb nor Pinal County Supervisor Mike Goodman, who attended the event, responded to requests for comment, including about Lamb’s previous stance that Gov. Doug Ducey had overreached in his decision to put Arizona under a stay-at-home order or that he would not enforce said order in Pinal County.

However, a New York Times reporter was able to track down Lamb as the sheriff was driving through New Mexico in a rental car from Washington, D.C., in order to limit his contact with other people. He told the Times that during the drive he is wearing a mask and wiping gas pumps with sanitizer while keeping his distance from people.

He also denied to the Times that what occurred on June 13 was a campaign event, instead saying it was an opportunity for people to obtain a sign that promotes his campaign. He also said those at the event were personally responsible for their own health.

“I think everybody understands we are all putting ourselves at risk,” he told the Times.

As for his previous position against Ducey’s attempts to slow the spread of COVID-19, he told the Times he stood by his decisions.