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Spread of the new coronavirus has come with a widening awareness and also a growing shutdown of much of American life. Closure or slowdowns in offices, entertainment venues, meetings, churches and travel are bringing much of the country to a halt. People are learning to live more at home.

Meanwhile, one thing that has been fairly constant is the retail outlets, which people need to get life’s essentials. Sadly, there has been too much hoarding, which has caused many people in Pinal County and elsewhere to be short of needed supplies and put a strain on store employees and suppliers. They have worked hard to keep the goods coming.

Students are missing some of their education, and many Christians are being kept away from church as Easter approaches.

For the most part, people have been considerate of others and sought to avoid spreading germs as they protect themselves from infection. That is the key to limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the economy and stock market have been reeling. It is obvious that as much of the economy shuts down, many Americans will lose income. President Trump and Congress have worked on a big stimulus to help get the country back on its feet, when that is possible.

The thing that is unknown is how long the crisis will last. A vaccine is being sought, but that takes time. When will people be able to resume normal activity, or at least more than they have now? What will be the effect a month from now, in the summer, later this year and even next year?

We may eventually find that we have overreacted. Some observers have said that since the disease seems to be most serious in the elderly and people in poor health, more of the focus should have been on protecting them. However, even in hindsight, we should know that it is better to be safe. We anxiously await new developments, as many Americans have little else to do, at least much of the day.