The following people were booked into the Pinal County Adult Detention Center:



  • Michael Martinez, 32, first-degree trespassing, assault with intent to injure, disorderly conduct-fighting and a probation violation.
  • Chuck Benally, 44, disorderly conduct with a weapon.
  • Miguel Magallanez, 30, two outstanding warrants.
  • Scott Knight, 20, domestic violence-making unreasonable noise and assault with fear of causing injury.
  • Phos Woodley, 30, fugitive of justice.
  • Alvin Beckham, 43, two counts of possession/use of marijuana, possession of weapon by prohibited person, failure to show ID, possession of weapon in commission of felony, two counts of possession/use of dangerous drugs, two counts of possession/use of drug paraphernalia and possession/use of narcotic drugs.
  • John Vanwezel, 19, sexual conduct with a minor.
  • Lawrence Garcia, 30, theft-means of transportation.
  • Jennifer Wheeler, 39, second-degree trespassing, disorderly conduct-fighting and criminal damage.
  • Aaron Cruz, 41, outstanding warrant.
  • Carl Hansen, 30, second-degree murder.
  • Marvin Menard, 54, aggravated assault of school employee.
  • Joey Jamerson, 45, possession/use of dangerous drugs, drug paraphernalia violation, DUI-drugs/metabolite and liquor laws-passenger possession of open container.
  • Luis Ruiz, 32, transportation and/or sale of narcotic drugs.
  • Aubrey Salazar, 21, transportation and/or sale of narcotic drugs.
  • Cody Blakely, 29, possession/use of marijuana, possession/use of prescription drugs, drug paraphernalia violation and an outstanding warrant.
  • Robert Sommerstedt, 38, probation violation.
  • Ronnie Lopez, 52, outstanding warrant.

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