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The following people were booked into the Pinal County Adult Detention Center:



Herman Martin, 38, fugitive of justice.

Malcolm Thornton, 22, disorderly conduct-fighting, aggravated assault, second-degree burglary, threats and a probation violation.

Tadeo Bravo Cortez, 28, disorderly conduct-fighting, aggravated assault with deadly weapon, first-degree burglary, threats and two probation violations.

Alex Silvas, 17, selling/providing weapon to felon and theft-control of property.

Tiffany Arrowood, 48, first-degree failure to appear.

Jesus Valdez Duarte, 22, two outstanding warrants.

Duriel Hairston, 41, drug paraphernalia violation, probation violation and four outstanding warrants.

Nathaniel Mojica, 22, two probation violations and an outstanding warrant.

Angela Davis, 47, outstanding warrant.

Alta Kilgore, 48, dangerous drug violation and drug paraphernalia violation.

Christy Sullivan, 41, outstanding warrant.

Linda Ramirez, 35, second-degree failure to appear.

Brittany Allessi Hynes, 25, probation violation.

Victor Navarrete, 23, assault with intent to injure, kidnapping, aggravated assault and failure to pay fine.

Theo Walker, 44, five counts of second-degree failure to appear.

Francisco Arguello, 52, two counts of second-degree failure to appear and an outstanding warrant.

Amy Huffman, 42, indecent exposure, disorderly conduct-noise, aggravated assault of peace officer and resisting arrest.

Rosaisela Luna, 36, possession/use of drug paraphernalia and probation violation.

Matthew Button, 31, state parole violation.

Jeffery Azcueta, 33, outstanding warrant.

Jerome Jeffries, 35, two outstanding warrants.

Elijah Northern, 21, possession/use of narcotic drug, possession/use of drug paraphernalia and possession/use of prescription drug.

Jose Delacruz, 30, outstanding warrant.

Amesa Paff, 33, criminal damage-deface and disorderly conduct-fighting.

Luis Nevarez, 36, first-degree failure to appear.

Andres Hernandez, 20, probation violation.

Allen Sharpe, 36, four outstanding warrants.

Carlos Mendez, 61, sexual assault.

Anya Vasquez, 20, criminal damage-deface and assault.

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  • The theft of an automobile was reported in the 23200 block of North Serenity Trail in San Tan Valley.
  • A theft was reported in the 31400 block of North Pamela Drive in San Tan Valley.



  • An assault was reported at West San Tan Heights Road and North Cherry Creek Boulevard in San Tan Valley.

Jim Headley is a reporter covering breaking news, crime and justice around Pinal County. He can be reached at jheadley@pinalcentral.com.