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The Pinal County Sheriff's Office reported the following people booked in the Pinal County Adult Detention Center.



  • Eric Lathrop, 42, probation violation. 
  • Matthew Vigil, 27, suspicion of aggravated assault on a peace officer.
  • Mercedes Rios, 49, suspicion of drug paraphernalia violation.
  • John Vardakas, 50, probation violation.
  • Kevin Lipke, 32, suspicion of driving without a license.
  • Matthew Yanez, 31, suspicion of criminal trespassing. 
  • Micael Wood, 40, probation violation.
  • Judith Monarrez Pena, 39, court.
  • Pedro Varela, 35, probation violation.
  • Peter Klein, 31, court.
  • Randy Perez, 47, child support warrant. 
  • John Levezow, 50, suspicion of disorderly conduct.
  • Calvin Garcia, 26, warrant.
  • Tara Camden, 40, warrant.
  • Cameron Ross, 29, suspicion of aggravated assault.
  • Juan Rodriguez, 31, endangerment. 
  • Mario Ibarra Angulo, 33, suspicion of narcotic drug transportation.
  • David Fregozo, 40, failure to appear.
  • Jaime Campos, 21, warrant.
  • Raul Mendoza, 42, failure to appear.
  • Anna Urquides, 41, suspicion of false reporting to law enforcement. 

The following were taken from the LexisNexis crime map.

Burglaries/thefts/vandalism: A burglary was reported Wednesday in the 5700 block of North Quiet Lane near Casa Grande. 

• A theft was reported Wednesday in the 6800 South Russet Sky Way near Gold Canyon. 

• A burglary was reported Wednesday in the 4800 block of East Santa Clara Drive near San Tan Valley. 

Incidents/accidents: A noise disturbance was reported Wednesday in the 9900 block of West Monaco Boulevard near Arizona City. 

• A disturbance was reported Wednesday in the 13900 block of West Holiday Street near Casa Grande. 

• Trespassing was reported Wednesday on North Begonia Avenue near West Palm Street near Casa Grande. 

• A sexual offense was reported Wednesday in the 1500 block of South Highway 79 near Florence. 

• Disorderly conduct was reported Wednesday in the 800 block of North Pinal Parkway Avenue near Florence. 

• An assault was reported Wednesday in the 11100 block of East Lost Canyon Court near Gold Canyon. 

• Threats were reported Wednesday in the 3500 block of East Denim Trail near San Tan Valley.

• Harassment was reported Wednesday in the 3000 block of West Hunt Highway near San Tan Valley. 

• A sex offense was reported Wednesday in the 400 block of East Bradstock Way near San Tan Valley. 


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