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On Oct 13, Gaston K Gordon was arrested on West Tamara Lane for two counts of aggravated assault DV, two counts of assault DV, criminal damage DV and three counts of disorderly conduct DV. One of the witnesses saw Gordon break the female’s glasses and computer. He was intoxicated and “harassed” the female victim. The female victim had a scratched lip and Gordon pulled her hair. She said Gordon went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, which is what he stabbed a decorative sign she had, damaging her computer. The witness became a victim when they tried to separate the female victim from Gordon, which he then pushed his shoulder a couple times into the victim’s face causing them to fall backward. Another witness who also became a victim tried to stop Gordon, but was kicked in the stomach, causing them to fall backward.

On Oct 3, Darrell B Jackson was arrested on West Seed Farm Road for post adjudication. He was transferred from Gila River Jail to the Pinal County Jail on an active city of Maricopa warrant with a cash bond.

On Oct 4, Eric S Farley was arrested on North Anne Lane for trespassing in the first degree DV. He was looking for someone and went into the victim’s residence though he was told to leave. He left the residence on a bike. Farley first said the resident handed him a key and let him in through the front door, but he later changed his story and said he was let in through the garage door. He was asked to leave twice by the resident but didn’t. While an officer searched Farley, he attempted to headbutt another officer and run away.

On Oct 13, Eudor O Rivera was arrested on West Civic Center Plaza South for aggravated assault, endangerment, criminal damage and reckless driving. The police responded to a call about a vehicle chasing another vehicle. The vehicle chasing the other vehicle hit head on several times. An audio recording from a witness provided Rivera saying he purposefully hit the other vehicle. Another witness said he admitted to crashing his truck.

On Oct 19, Nikolas L Pearson was arrested on North Wilson Ave for a pre-adjudication warrant. Judge Riggs requested the Maricopa Police to take Pearson into custody for an outstanding warrant with a cash bond.

In July on the 6th, Anaya Johnson was arrested on John Wayne Parkway and Edison for theft of means of transportation. She took a vehicle without permission when she ran away the week before.

On Oct 19, Elias A Perez was arrested on North Cinder Road for criminal damage per domestic violence and false reporting to police. Perez came to the female victim’s home and argued about belongings, then pushed over a cement angel statue, breaking a wing. The incident was reported by a witness. Perez first told the police a false name and birthdate but admitted his true identity when arrested.

On Oct 10, Christopher B Frye was arrested on West Zion Road for failure to appear on DUI charges. A witness contacted the police and expressed their concern about a squatter in a home. The Maricopa Police Department set up a perimeter on the residence and arrested Frye when he opened the garage door. He had on him drug paraphernalia. He will be long formed for the additional charges.

On Oct 20, Justin M Francis was arrested on Oro Drive and Terragona Boulevard for pre-adjudication.

On Oct 20, Stephanie J Douglas was arrested on West Sunland Drive for aggravated assault DV. The female victim said Douglas cut her hair with scissors following a verbal argument between them. The victim told Douglas to leave but she refused and cut her left arm. The victim pushed Douglas away and took away the scissors. The police saw Douglas had a five-inch laceration on her left forearm. Douglas admitted to grabbing scissors and being still upset about their argument. She admitted there was a physical altercation where both of them were assaulted. She also admitted it was unintentional that she struck the victim with the scissors.


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