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The following was taken from the records at the Maricopa Police Department.

On Nov. 18, Theresa Rose was arrested on John Wayne Parkway after she was found to have a valid warrant out of Casa Grande Precinct 2 Justice Courts.

On Nov. 16, Maricopa police were dispatched to assist fire and medical teams at Liles Lane. All persons involved declined medical transport and were cleared. A subject at the scene, Robert Neville, was checked for warrants and police found him to have a warrant out of Maricopa City Court. He was arrested.

On Nov. 16, Carl Schwarz was arrested for three outstanding warrants on Garvey Avenue. Upon a search of Schwarz, he was allegedly found in possession of a clear bag that said “stay high” on the outside. Inside the bag was a clear, crystal substance. It was field tested and found to be methamphetamine. Schwarz reportedly stated under oath that he purchased 0.6g of meth for $10. 0.2g of meth were found inside the bag.

On Nov. 15, police responded to a residence on Miraflores Street regarding a domestic dispute. There, they found Twona Franklin acting erratically outside the home. She was reportedly told to calm down, but refused and was subsequently arrested. Franklin was booked for one count of disorderly conduct and transported to Pinal County Jail.

On Nov. 15, Francisco Ranger was arrested for an outstanding warrant out of Western Pinal Justice Court after an officer conducted a traffic stop at Honeycutt Avenue and State Route 347 after the vehicle came back as having canceled insurance.

On Nov. 15, Camille Calvin was arrested for a warrant out of Pinal County Superior Court. Police observed a black Nissan leaving a known drug residence. The officer conducted a registration check on the temporary tags, and they came back as canceled.

On Nov. 14, Maricopa police were called by the Maricopa Police Department Victims Advocate Unit and asked to respond to a residence on Anne Lane. The Victim Advocate advised that there may be a male subject by the name of Dominic Williams inside along with an individual that has an order of protection against Williams. A warrant check was done and Williams was found to have two outstanding warrants for Maricopa. He was arrested for the warrant, as well as violation of interfere with judicial proceedings and knowingly displaying a fictitious plate.

On Nov. 14, police responded to a possible physical altercation on Smith Drive. During the investigation police made contact with one of the involved parties named Shaun Brooks. Brooks was arrested for an active warrant out from Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.

On Nov. 13, Maricopa police conducted a traffic stop when Michael Bradstreet got out of his vehicle and began yelling at officers. He reportedly failed to comply with orders to get back into his vehicle and continued to walk toward officers, described by officers as acting aggressively. Officers tased Bradstreet, and he tried to return to his vehicle. They handcuffed him and arrested him for resisting arrest, failure to obey lawful order and having no drivers license.

On Nov. 11, Trevor Brown was arrested on Wade Drive for possession of dangerous drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and outstanding warrants.

On Nov. 9, Cindy Coffin was arrested for two warrants.

On Nov. 8, an officer pulled a vehicle over for canceled insurance at John Wayne Parkway and Hathaway road. Brittany King was a passenger in the vehicle. Her drivers license was expired and she was found to have a warrant out of Florence Municipal Court. She was arrested.

On Nov. 7, Louis Andaverde was observed at Circle K on John Wayne Parkway and was found to have two misdemeanor arrest warrants issued by Pinal Justice Court. His identification was confirmed through his MVD photo. Andaverde was arrested without incident.

On Nov. 6, officers conducted a traffic stop for expired registration tags on Desert Cedars Drive. The driver, Dawn Lash, was arrested for a warrant out of Florence Municipal. Upon examination of the vehicle, the officer reportedly noticed Lash had placed a sticker over the license plate tags to make it look like it was not expired. In her purse, they also allegedly found blank checks with another person’s name on them. Police called that person, and they confirmed they had not given Lash those checks. Lash had done work for the victim at their home. She reportedly told police she never intended to take the checks, and accidentally forgot to give them back to owners before leaving. The owner of the checks advised they’d like to be a victim of a crime and was willing to aid in prosecution. Lash was arrested for fictitious registration, theft and the outstanding warrant.

On Nov. 6, Kevin Lipke was a passenger in a traffic stop on Vintage Drive and Smith-Enke Road. He voluntarily provided his identification to police and was found to have two outstanding warrants. He was arrested.

On Nov. 6, police were called to a residence on Duncan Drive following a verbal argument. Upon arrival, Timothy Newburn reportedly admitted to becoming upset and breaking the dining table. Additional allegations of aggravated assault were made but no probable cause was determined. Newburn was arrested for criminal damage.

On Nov. 3, Alphonso Ervin was arrested on Sage Brush Drive for assault/domestic violence.

On Nov. 3, Peter Vu was involved in a domestic disturbance on Van Loo Drive. According to the victim, Vu allegedly slapped them and raised his fist twice in an attempt to him them. Vu told police he was just attempting to scare the victim. He was arrested for threatening.

On Nov. 1, police were dispatched to Maricopa Municipal Court where Nadene Maxwell was placed under arrest for a warrant for probation violation.

On Oct. 30, police went to Elsie Molina’s home on Garvey Road and arrested her without incident for a warrant out of Pinal County.


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