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The following was taken from the records at the Maricopa Police Department.

On March 17, a woman called Maricopa police to report Rebekah Leon trespassing in her home on Chambers Drive. The caller advised police she was currently out of state, and a neighbor had spotted Leon and called the resident. The officer observed Leon through a window, and saw wood shavings around the keyhole. The officer was able to unlock the back door using a key given to them by a neighbor and entered with their K9 and announced they were going to release the dog. Leon came forward. She claimed to have lived on the property for several years, but had moved out in 2019. Leon was arrested for trespass in the first degree.

On March 15, Amai Bryant was given additional charges in relation to a DUI incident after his blood results were analyzed and found to contain amphetamine and methamphetamine. His current charges are possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of narcotics, driving on a suspended license and driving under the influence.

On March 15, a patrolling officer saw a green Ford Explorer idling in the closed Wendy’s parking lot. The officer observed music playing loudly, and two males inside the car. The vehicle was registered to Ismael Ruvalcaba, who had a warrant for his arrest out of the Department of Public Safety. The officer saw beer bottles, and two 12-packs of beer inside the vehicle, with one open bottle on the passenger seat. Officers made contact and Ruvalcaba reportedly admitted to drinking approximately 12 beers. He stated he pulled over to sleep. Officers conducted a field test and found him to have a blood alcohol level of 0.163. Inside the vehicle was allegedly a small amount of loose marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Ruvalcaba was arrested for DUI slightest, DUI .08 or more, DUI .15 or more, aggravated DUI, drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.

On March 14, police received a report of Desmond Raff assaulting a woman in his home on Calacera Street. The woman told police Raff pushed her throughout the house, and cornered her. Dried blood from a cut on his finger was found on her shoulder, and he admitted to pushing her. The alleged victim said Raff took her phone so she couldn’t call police. When police found her phone, it had been damaged. Raff admitted to breaking a wooden dog gate and a wall decoration, and trying to hide the evidence in a dumpster. The alleged victim said she was in close proximity to the items when he broke them. Raff was arrested for disorderly conduct, false reporting to law enforcement, criminal damage, prevention of the use of telephone during emergency and assault.

On March 13, Francisco Sonoqui was a passenger in a traffic stop. He was identified verbally and confirmed to have a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested and booked into Pinal County Jail.

On March 11, Lori Ann Macias was observed by an officer riding her bicycle on John Wayne Parkway. According to police records, the officer stopped, approached Macias and asked her if she had any drugs on her. She said no, and gave the officer permission to search her bag. She told the officer she may have a small bag located inside the front pocket, and the officer reportedly discovered methamphetamine. She was arrested for possession of dangerous drugs.

On March 9, a fight broke out at a residence on Helen Court between Josiah Shields and a friend. The friend alleges the two had an argument and Shields began choking him on his bed. The friend says he ran outside and Shields followed, then they began fighting in the street. A witness saw Shields throw a glass bottle and brick at the friend’s car, shattering the front and side windows. The alleged victim had injuries all over his body, most visibly red marks on his throat where he alleges Shields strangled him. He also had scrapes on his shoulder and legs and was feeling nauseous. Shields was arrested for assault and criminal damage and booked into Pinal County Jail.

On March 8, Maricopa police received a 911 call to a residence on Windrose Road. When they arrived they found a white Toyota with four occupants inside including Cindy Witherspoon. She told police she accidentally called 911. Police found her to have an active warrant for her arrest. She was arrested and booked into Pinal County Detention Center.

On March 5, a patrolling officer began following Christopher Baugus in his Chevy truck. The officer ran Baugus’ plates and found Baugus had a warrant for his arrest out of Missouri. The officer waited until Baugus stopped at Circle K to confirm it was him, and then conducted a traffic stop and arrested him for a warrant for probation violation.

On March 5, an individual called Maricopa police to report a person breaking into vehicles. The reporting party described the person as a Hispanic or Native American man in his 20s and around 5’8. The caller told dispatch the man was wearing a maroon sweater and light-colored jeans with a hole in them. Police arrived on scene and spotted a man matching the description. He attempted to run but then laid on his stomach. He refused to give officers his name and was arrested for refusal to provide lawful name. He was later identified as Rene Guzman and was booked into Pinal County Jail.

On March 5, an officer observed Carlos Soliz riding a bike south on the John Wayne Parkway overpass and knew him to have an active warrant for his arrest. The officer attempted to contact Soliz, but Soliz reportedly turned his bike and began riding away from the officer — waving as he did so. The officer got back into the patrol car and activated lights and sirens, pursuing Soliz toward the railroad tracks. Soliz ditched the bike and ran across the tracks to try to avoid arrest. The tracks are marked as private property. Soliz eventually stopped running and listened to the officer, who then arrested him for his warrant and for trespassing in the third degree.


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