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On Oct 27, Paul W Schminke was arrested on North John Wayne Parkway for possession of dangerous drugs and drug paraphernalia. He was found asleep in the driver’s seat of his running car.

On Oct 28, Carlson M Carter Jr. was arrested on North John Wayne Parkway for criminal nuisance. He was found sleeping on the cement near the Walgreens entrance. He awoke and shortly after urinated on the pavement outside the store. Police tried to refer him for mental health treatment in lieu of booking, but he refused and requested to be booked in jail.

On July 21, 2021, Andres L Rodriguez was arrested on Porter Road/Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway for agg. DUI D.L. suspension, DUI slightest degree, DUI drugs, speeder greater than R.P., possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana. A blood test was submitted to the DPS lab for testing and returned positive for various drugs. Felony long form charges are being submitted to the County Attorney’s Office.

On Oct 30, Sandra L Voyles was arrested on W Coltin Way for assault domestic violence and criminal damage domestic violence. The male victim and Voyles started arguing after a party.

The male victim was sleeping when Voyles came and began punching him on the head and face. Officers didn't see any redness in those areas. She tried coming at him again but he pushed her away.

He got up and in anger went to the kitchen and pushed her work computer and monitors off the counter causing them to break. Voyles went into an office and threw the male victim's things around. While she threw things, an object hit his middle toe, which was covered in fresh blood. 

He told Voyles he called the police, which caused her to stop throwing things. Officers saw what looked like scratch marks on the male victim's neck that were fresh, had blood and the area surrounding it was still red. He stated Voyles did it to him but didn't say when it happened.

Voyles was cited and booked into the Pinal County Jail in the city of Florence. 

On Oct 30, Matthew Pantoja-Falcon was arrested at Walmart for failure to appear, possession of drug paraphernalia and rules of criminal procedure pre-adjudication. Officers responded to an assault where two juveniles were attacked by two adult males with bandanas.  

Officers found the victim and as they were talking to him, pointed out to a white male coming out of Walmart and said he was the one who punched him. Pantoja-Falcon has two warrants out for his arrest, one out of Pinal County Superior Court and another out of the City of Casa Grande. He was long form charged for the drug paraphernalia and later transported to Pinal County Jail to be booked for his warrants.  

On Nov 3, Jason R Hydinger was arrested on his warrant after officers responded to a call from the La Quinta about him bleeding in the restroom. He had a valid AZ DOC warrant for his arrest.

On May 29, 2021, Alesha J Aguilar was arrested on Cobblestone Farms and Struebing for criminal damage and failure to give information. She crashed into a residence and left the scene without contacting the homeowners. Her and her passenger eluded the MPD. An officer found them trying to get into their home in the same area as the accident. 

Aguilar immediately put up her hands and said she messed up and didn't want to go to jail. The Maricopa Fire/Rescue came to assess their injuries. Afterwards, Aguilar was placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI. 

An officer submitted a misdemeanor charge for criminal damage but was advised to resubmit it with a felony criminal damage charge because the damage was over $1,000 in repairs and extensive damage to the home. The balcony was deemed unsafe and the vehicle had to stay put otherwise the balcony would collapse. The brick wall was damaged as well.


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