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Oct. 12

Police responded to an accident on North Pinal Parkway. The first driver stated she exited a business turning south and didn’t see the other car. Florence Fire checked everyone for injuries. Brianna L. Brubaker, 21, was cited for failing to control speed to avoid collision and failing to yield from private road/drive.

Warrant arrests

Scott Sommerstedt, 39

Cherie Morgan, 41

Santino Cole, 35

Ernie Beguin, 50

Christopher Hulette, 30

Eleain Magee, 48

Joseph Norris, 55

Juan Ruiz Martinez, 45

Traffic tickets

Dina A. Goldberg, 41, speed

Kristy L. Francis, 30, no proof of insurance

Crystal A. Archer, 41, no proof of insurance

Brianna D. Kennington, 25, speed

Karissa R. Jarrett, 19, no proof of insurance

River A. Guerrero, 19, speed

Timothy D. Kinser, 68, no proof of insurance


The Police Report is compiled from Florence Police Department reports. The only names published are those of adults who were cited, arrested or involved in a traffic accident. Suspects named in this column are innocent until proven guilty. Anyone whose arrest appears in this column who is later found not guilty or whose charges are dismissed is welcome to inform the Florence Reminder and it will be reported.