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Aug. 22

Police responded to an accident at South Pinal Parkway and East Butte Avenue. Betty J. Lucas, 92, changed lanes and didn’t see the other car. She was cited for failure to control speed to avoid collision.

Michael Rojo, 21, was cited for possession of marijuana.

Aug. 23

Ryan A. Powers, 48, was cited and released for DUI liquor/drugs/vapors/combo.

Aug. 26

A noninjury accident was reported near West Spirit Loop and North Petersburg Drive. The driver said she swerved to avoid a coyote and struck a light pole. No citation was issued, she was given a ride home and the car was towed.

Aug. 27

Brandi M. Miles, 38, was cited on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and no current vehicle registration.

Aug. 28

Jose L. Quezada Jr., 25, was cited on charges of possession of marijuana and speeding.

Matthew J. Wauneka, 28, was arrested and booked into jail on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Aug. 29

Michelle Robinson, 41, was issued a criminal citation for littering.

Aug. 30

An officer was dispatched to an accident between a vehicle and a cyclist near North Pinal Parkway and East Butte Avenue. The driver stated she did not see the juvenile on his bike in the crosswalk due to the sun in her eyes. The juvenile stated he was not injured and the vehicle lightly struck his back tire. The juvenile was released to his parent. No citation was issued.

Officers were dispatched to a domestic violence call. Carlos Rivera, 26, was arrested and booked into jail on charges of assault-domestic violence, disorderly conduct-domestic violence, criminal damage-domestic violence and endangerment-domestic violence.

Aug. 31

Police responded to an accident at West State Route 287 and South Main Street. A citation will be mailed to Kahilta M. Williams, 38, for failure to yield from stop sign.

Sept. 1

An officer was dispatched to an emergency on North Warner Street. A female stated her ex-boyfriend had assaulted her and had left the scene. A Florence officer met with Coolidge police and took custody of the suspect. Fredrick Viola, 38, was arrested and booked into jail on a charge of aggravated assault-domestic violence.

Warrant arrests

Meggan Brady, 31; Adriana Garcia, 24; Taylor Redmann, 25; Jose Fuerte-Corrales, 26; Michelle Robinson, 41; Samantha Jones, 21; Billy Snell, 37; Stephanie Bondy, 41; Nathaniel Manygoats, 43; Saul Valenzuela, 25; Anatolio Cano, 38; Domingo Barraza, 40; James Jeffries, 35; Youseff Haddad, 27; Dannis Johnson, 35; Jose Aguilla, 47; Eugene Hopkins, 39

Traffic tickets

Angelica Tagle Vazquez, 19, driving on a suspended license, speed

Ashley A. Vallace, 33, suspended plate

Tristan J. Cipriano, 22, no valid driver’s license

Rodrigo E. Leyva, 45, failure to carry registration card

Elizabeth A. Rivera, 49, speed, child passenger restraint, no current registration

Brian K. Crawford, 47, driving on a suspended license

Benjamin P. Vazquez, 21, two headlamps required

Jason A. Park, 40, driving on a suspended license, no proof of insurance

Amy E. Jensen, 45, no valid driver’s license

Oscar Nunez, 26, motorcycle endorsement

Martin A. Macias, 63, driving on a suspended license, fictitious plate, no financial responsibility

Bacilio Hilarios, 18, no valid license

Teresa Ponce Rodriguez, 36, no valid license

Ernest G. Ochoa, 42, failure to carry registration card

Corry J. Wood, 33, no current registration

Randall J. Trojacek, 33, no current registration

Brenda Quevedo Romero, 30, driving on a suspended license

Clinton L. Williams, 49, failure to transfer title in 30 days

Speeding tickets

Justin M. Gray Jr., 20; Anthony Rodriguez Jr., 22; Hope D. Soza, 46; David P. Smith, 36; Francisco Juarez-Villarreal, 32; William S. Waller, 26; Rafael Villalba, 31; Nancy A. Paez, 18; Christopher A. Ballew, 39; Randi R. Green, 30; Pablo Hernandez Jr., 27; Delgadina Cardenas, 42; Justin A. Barajas, 43; Andrew Whitaker, 35; Danae L. Miller, 47


The Police Report is compiled from Florence Police Department reports. The only names published are those of adults who were cited, arrested or involved in a traffic accident. Suspects named in this column are innocent until proven guilty. Anyone whose arrest appears in this column who is later found not guilty or whose charges are dismissed is welcome to inform the Florence Reminder and it will be reported.