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Sept. 2

Sharod Greer, 31, was arrested and booked into jail on a charge of possession of stolen weapon and two warrants.

A bag containing cards and cash was reported stolen on North Huntington Drive. A suspect was identified but not located. A charging review packet will be forwarded to the town attorney for determination of charges.

Sept. 7

Walter J. Kautz III, 37, was charged with DUI and cited for speed.

Sept. 8

Joseph F. Kish, 41, was arrested and booked into jail on charges of criminal damage-domestic violence and assault-domestic violence.

An officer was dispatched to a report of an unwanted person on North Pinal Parkway. A female was reported to be in an area of the store not authorized for customers and was refusing to leave. The officer made contact with the female and while he was attempting to detain her she assaulted him. Patricia Daniels, 37, was arrested and booked into jail on a charge of aggravated assault on a police officer.

Warrant arrests

Iris Ruiz, 20

Luz Gomez, 40

Paul Burciaga, 38

Santos Jimenez, 41

Armando Hernandez, 45

Jose Ramirez, 33

Jonathan Gooday, 31

Julio Parra, 37

Joseph Valenzuela, 20

Traffic tickets

Daniel M. Shenk, 23, driving on a suspended license

Dallas T. Peters, 38, driving on a revoked license, knowingly displaying fictitious plate, no current registration, no mandatory insurance

Juvenile female, 17, no valid license.

Katherine A. Haar, 36, less than 65 in a 55/waste of finite resource

Jacob R. Hickman Sr., 30, less than 65 in a 55/waste of finite resource

Brian J. Mirr, 18, no valid license, speed

Victoria A. Escobar, 39, permitting unauthorized person to drive

Mayra Perez, 31, driving suspended

Jeremy R. Ross, 29, stop sign

Dallas L. Martinez, 24, red light

Alejandra C. Medina, 37, speed, no valid license, no proof of insurance

Jack D. Wood III, 23, no rear plate, no current registration

Brent L. Newton, 42, no mandatory insurance

Maria Quintero Duran, 49, no mandatory insurance

Alexandra M. Flores, 26, no valid license, no proof of insurance

Jessica M. Valdez, 20, no current registration

Jennifer R. Hale, 31, no mandatory insurance, suspended plate

Robert A. Hills, 44, lap and shoulder belt required

Daniel Molina Power, 32, lap and shoulder belt required

Bonita M. Marsh, 59, no current registration

Christa Benitez, 42, no legible driver’s license

Speeding tickets

Andrea E. Garcia, 45

Vinod Doddamani, 54

Juvenile male, 17

Mariela C. Rodriguez, 23

Amber B. Roberts, 24

Adam V. Young, 40

Jolene R. Rainer, 50

Philip W. Swenson, 63

Joseph W. Buzan, 39

Michael L. Simmons, 51

Paige E. Buck, 28

Daniel Schell, 42

Hope I. Feliz, 23

Gerardo Rubalcava, 47

Samuel Espinoza, 19

Wendy Sainz, 39

Heather C. Smith, 43

James P. Perdue, 63


The Police Report is compiled from Florence Police Department reports. The only names published are those of adults who were cited, arrested or involved in a traffic accident. Suspects named in this column are innocent until proven guilty. Anyone whose arrest appears in this column who is later found not guilty or whose charges are dismissed is welcome to inform the Florence Reminder and it will be reported.