Eloy Police Patch

June 9

A woman reported her Ford Fusion was stolen from her residence.

Francisco Lopez was arrested for a valid Eloy Justice Court warrant. He was transported and booked on his warrant.

June 10

The Dollar General on Sunshine Boulevard became the victim of shoplifting when an unknown female stole multiple health and beauty products.

Daniel Encinas was arrested for shoplifting a 30-pack of Budweiser and a 12-pack of Corona from the Circle K on Toltec Road. Encinas was later cited and released.

June 13

Leonardo Salinas III was arrested for unlawful flight. A traffic stop was conducted on Leonardo's vehicle, however he failed to yield for approximately one mile and half. Salinas then entered the driveway of a residence, where he was placed under arrest.

Andrew Orduno was arrested for aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, assault, resisting arrest and theft. A woman requested a civil stand by. Orduno was at their apartment and would not let her get her belongings. Officers were given permission to enter the apartment and he refused to step out while she got her things. Orduno had a stolen rifle in the room he was contacted in and he was subsequently transported to Pinal County Jail.

June 14

Duriel Hairston was arrested fro three Eloy City Court warrants. Search incident to arrest, Hairston was in possession of a smoking glass pipe. He was later transported to the Pinal County Jail.

June 15

An unknown subject attempted to cash a fraudulent $100 bill at Love's Travel Store. The store did not accept the bill. The subject paid for the items with another $100 bill and left the store. The $100 bill was turned over to the Eloy Police Department.

A woman pepper sprayed another woman over a rumor.

A unknown vehicle ran off the road and collided with the fence posts of a property on Cornman Road.

Arby's became the victim of criminal simulation when an unknown male used a counterfeit $100 bill to pay for food. He was given approximately $70 in change.

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