The following was taken from the records at the Coolidge Police Department.

Arrests & Citations

On Oct. 10, Robert Mitchell was stopped by police for speeding on his motorcycle. Mitchell had been going over 100 mph and was found to have a suspended driver’s license and several non-extradited warrants. Mitchell admitted to being intoxicated and police charged him with DUI. Mitchell was cited and released.

On Oct. 20, three individuals — Jerome Jeffries, Kristina Slaughter and Johnny Jones — were arrested following a traffic stop for drug possession, in addition to several outstanding warrants. Police allegedly found 5.7 grams of meth inside their car. The previous offenses included failing to appear in court and/or failure to pay court-ordered fines.

On Oct. 24, Charity Krantz and Amber Zamora were arrested at a car wash on West Coolidge Avenue for drug possession and outstanding warrants. Inside their car, police allegedly found a bong used for smoking meth and Zamora had 4.1 grams of meth on her person. Police allegedly found an additional 24.1 grams of meth inside the car, as well as some old debit cards and Costco memberships belonging to people other than Krantz or Zamora. The items were retained as evidence and Krantz said she had purchased the meth in the car over two separate occasions for around $500 total, for purposes of re-sale in Colorado. Krantz’s warrants were re-issued and charges may be long-formed at a later date.

On Oct. 25, police responded to reporters that an individual was being harassed by Johnny Urias via social media. Urias was allegedly accessing the victim’s social media accounts and threatening friends and family members. Urias has been served with court documents. Urias was found to be continuing the harassment a week later and was charged with aggravated harassment on Nov. 6. The charging review has been forwarded to the Pinal County Attorney’s Office.

On Nov. 5, Daniella Davis was arrested for shoplifting after being identified via still surveillance photos on social media. Davis had taken two bottles of Beatbox pink lemonade from the Circle K on Arizona Boulevard four days prior. The cashier on duty at that time said Davis had paid for only one of the bottles and a fountain drink. The lemonade was valued at $4.69 per bottle.

On Nov. 5, Mathew Burch and Angela Madril were arrested following a traffic stop as Burch, who’d been driving, had had his California license revoked earlier. Police found two active warrants out for Madril. Police allegedly found a glass container with meth residue on Madril’s person. A third individual, Christopher Mack, approached the police at the traffic stop and asked if he could take possession of the car. Police arrested Mack on an outstanding warrant. Burch was cited and released, but Mack and Madril were transported to Pinal County Detention Center.

On Nov. 6, Enrique Ortega was arrested for trespassing after being located by police behind the Little Caesars Pizza on Arizona Boulevard. Ortega had been observed trying to break into an individual’s home earlier that evening. Ortega said he was looking for some water. He was cited and released from the Coolidge police department.

On Nov. 7, Zachariah Moreno was arrested on charges of assault and criminal damage. During detainment by the police, a handgun was removed from his possession along with 9mm rounds out of safety concerns.

Incidents & Reports

On Nov. 8, an individual was seen stealing two 30-packs of Budweiser from the Discovery Market on Arizona Boulevard. The packs are worth $20 each. Police obtained a photo of the suspect from surveillance footage but case was suspended as police were not able to identify any leads.

On Oct. 24, an individual stole two bottles of vodka from the Safeway on Arizona Boulevard, valued at $125. According to security footage, the suspect hid the bottles inside of his sweatshirt, before exiting without paying and driving away in a Honda. The suspect has not been identified at this time and the case is suspended.

On Oct. 31, an individual stole a Smart lighting app-controller for a vehicle, worth around $70, from O’Reilly’s Auto Parts on Arizona Boulevard. Security footage shows a male subject kneeling down behind the shelves to open the light kit box and place the item in a bag he had with him, before walking out of the store. The suspect has not been identified at this time.

On Nov. 3, it was reported that an individual had stolen two cans of Steel Reserve alcohol from the Circle K store on Arizona Boulevard. The two items are valued at $5. As the store did not have video of the incident, and no leads were identified, the case was suspended.


Aaron Dorman is a reporter covering Coolidge and the surrounding area. He can be reached at