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The following was taken from the records at the Coolidge Police Department.

Arrests and citations

On Aug. 29 police conducted a traffic stop on a motorist for allegedly traveling 52 mph in a 35-mph speed zone in front of the Walmart store on Arizona Boulevard. The driver, Susan Hanson, 42, was arrested on an alleged offense for driving under the influence with a passenger under the age of 15 after registering a 0.17 and 0.19 blood-alcohol content on the breathalyzer. After being fingerprinted at the Coolidge police Department she was released to her husband.

On Aug. 29 four juveniles were issued referrals for assault for allegedly attacking another juvenile at the Coolidge Aquatic Center. On Aug. 30 a victim’s rights form was issued to the alleged victim. The case was closed via juvenile referrals.

On Aug. 28 police stopped Patrick King for allegedly crossing the street at Central Avenue and Arizona Boulevard while the walk sign was flashing. King told police he might have a warrant out for his arrest, and a check revealed he had a justice of the peace warrant from Eloy. In a search incident to King’s arrest police allegedly found in his left pants pocket a white powdery residue inside of the stem with the bulb being burnt.

Incidents and reports

On Aug. 1 police observed a gray sedan traveling west on Vah Inn Road passing Padre Kino Road at a very high rate of speed at about 80 mph. The car, as it tried to elude police on Hess Avenue and 13th Street, went through empty lots. Another patrol car radioed he had a visual on the suspect car south of Kenworthy Road. The pursuit ended when the second officer crashed into a brick wall of the development at Northern Avenue and Kenworthy Road. The pursuit terminated from the first officer to give aid to the second officer who had crashed. The suspect and the car were never located.

On Aug. 10 police were contacted to the Vah-Ki-Inn apartment complex, 1050 N. Ninth Street, in reference to a motorcycle valued at $3,000 being stolen. The motorcycle was later found at a neighboring property. Currently, there are no leads on the suspect, and the case has been suspended until further information becomes available.

On Aug. 19 police responded to the 900 block of West Sullivan Avenue on a residential burglary not in progress. The reporting party, Cody Coltrin, told police he discovered the front, back and garage doors were left ajar. He saw a refrigerator that had been installed in the kitchen was moved to the garage door. A new microwave and range stored in the garage were missing. The total loss of the items taken is $2,700, and the damage to the property was $800. The case remains open pending video evidence.

Several vehicles around Aug. 25 were sprayed with blue/purple ink with many of them being in the 2100 block of West Central Avenue. Police say the subjects were walking along the 2100 block of West Central Avenue and other areas of the city squirting the ink into and on random vehicles. The young white suspects remain unidentified.

On Aug. 29 police were called to the 800 block of North Main Street after a woman reported that she was attacked by two pit bulls, one which bit her. Police observed two loose dogs, but were unable to make contact with the owner. The woman wants to press charges for being bitten by one of the dogs. A picture of the bite marks were placed into the case file. The case will be transferred to the animal control officer.