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The following was taken from the police records at the Coolidge Police Department.

Arrests and citations

On Aug. 6, Crystal Soliz was arrested for assault in the 500 block of West Pinkley Avenue. Police spoke with the victim, who sustained injuries to the head and face, and Soliz was taken into custody. Soliz was booked into CoreCIvic.

On Aug. 9, Adrian Saavedra was arrested after allegedly stealing a Sierra truck and crashing it shortly thereafter. Saavedra allegedly fled from the truck after the rollover. Witnesses who arrived at the scene of the accident said Saavedra asked for another set of car keys before fleeing the scene. Officers later located Saavedra near West Kenilworth Road and Macrae Road. Saavedra was transported to Florence Anthem Hospital for injuries sustained during the accident, but charges of burglary, criminal damage, failure to remain at the scene of an accident, and driving with no valid license were forwarded to the county attorney’s office. The damage to the Sierra truck was estimated by the owner to be nearly $10,000.

On Aug. 11, police responded to reports of a disturbance in the 300 block of East Dirkley Avenue. Police made contact with Kevonia Mathis, who was arrested after police determined Mathis had caused criminal damage to a victim’s belongings including a phone and television. Kevonia was later released and charges of damage, disorderly conduct and domestic violence were forwarded to the city prosecutor.

On Aug. 11, Police responded to reports of an argument in the 600 block of North Main Street. Witnesses allegedly told police the two suspects, Hieroshi and Ambria Maddox, were engaged in disruptive behavior during which a window was broken. Before police arrived, Mr. Maddox had fled in a white Chevrolet Impala, but police made contact with him several days later. Both suspects were cited for disorderly conduct, while Ms. Maddox was also cited for criminal damage to the window.

On Aug. 12, Reyna Clay was arrested following a traffic stop when police allegedly found drugs and paraphernalia in her vehicle. Police initially noted a glass pipe in the center console, and after detaining Clay found multiple cut straws on the seats, as well as a bag with 1.2 grams of meth. A search of Clay’s hand bag revealed another glass pipe and two counterfeit $20 bills. Clay was released but charges of drug possession and paraphernalia were forwarded to the county attorney’s office. A passenger, David Garcia, was also cited for drug paraphernalia and released.

On Aug. 13, Brian Araujo was arrested following a traffic stop on a vehicle in which Araujo was a backseat passenger. A records check showed Araujo had an active Eloy warrant, and drug paraphernalia was found inside a Styrofoam cup next to Araujo. Araujo was cited for the paraphernalia and transported to Pinal County Jail for the active warrant.

On Aug. 14, Daniel Downs was arrested after allegedly throwing a chicken pot pie at an employee inside the South Circle K. Upon arrival, police were told by the employee that Downs had purchased a pot pie but was having trouble cooking it in the microwave. When the employee tried to advise him, Downs allegedly became angry and threw the pie in the garbage, before taking another pie and throwing it at the employee, which hit him in the arm. The employee was not injured. After being taken to the Coolidge Police Department, Downs was issued a warning for criminal trespass, cited for disorderly conduct, and released.

Incidents and reports

On Aug. 9, police responded to a mobile home on fire near West James Street and South La Palma Road. Police checked the vicinity and found no residents nearby, and the Coolidge Fire Department arrived on scene to extinguish the fire. Police contacted the owner, who was not at the scene, and said the person who lived in the mobile home was currently in jail. There was no surveillance footage of the scene, and the case was suspended pending further information.

On Aug. 12, a victim notified police at the station of a theft of their vehicle from a residence in the 100 block of West Palo Verde Avenue. The victim claimed to know the suspect and that the vehicle had been taken without their permission. The case was suspended pending location of the vehicle.

On Aug. 13, police were dispatched to the 1000 block of North 8th Place in response to criminal damage to a vehicle. The victim told police that all four tires on their car had been slashed by an unknown subject. The tires were valued at $50 each. Police located small punctures on each tire. No witnesses were identified and the case was suspended pending further leads.

On Aug. 18, police were notified of a theft from the Coolidge Walmart. An employee told police they saw surveillance footage showing the suspect exit the store with a Walmart supplied motorized cart and wearing new clothes they had not purchased. The stolen items were valued at $48 in total. The case was suspended pending further leads.

On Aug. 20, a handgun was allegedly stolen from a parked vehicle in the 1000 block of West Elizabeth Way. Police responded to reports that a car was broken into in order to steal the firearm. The victim told police that they’d found the front passenger door ajar and that the console lid was open, where the firearm was usually kept. The missing gun was estimated to be worth around $350. No witnesses were located, and the case was suspended pending further evidence.