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The following was taken from the police records at the Coolidge Police Department.

Arrests and citations

On July 16, Joshua Denson was arrested for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Police stopped a vehicle, in which Denson was a passenger, after reports that the vehicle had gone into someone’s backyard. The driver allegedly told police they were lost, and that Denson was there to help assist with a job. A search of Denson’s belongings revealed a baggy with meth residue inside his backpack. Denson was later released.

On July 20, Cesar Rivera was arrested during a traffic stop when a records check showed active warrants out of Coolidge and Pinal County. A search of Rivera’s vehicle also revealed a glass pipe and the lower portion of a pistol, which Rivera is prohibited from possessing. Rivera was taken to the Pinal County Adult Detention Center.

On July 22, police made contact with Jason Blake in his vehicle, after a report came in concerned about his health status. During a search of the vehicle, police allegedly identified a baggie with meth residue and a glass pipe. Blake was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia and released.

On July 23, police were notified of suspicious activity in the 700 block of Arizona Boulevard. At the scene police made contact with Serena Ochoa and Charles Lopez, and the two agreed to remove the contents of their pockets which allegedly contained straws with a melted tip and folded aluminum foil. Lopez’ purse contained a glass pipe and a bag with 0.5 grams of meth. A records check showed both suspects had active warrants out of Coolidge and they were placed under arrest. Lopez was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia and was transported to Core Civic, while Ochoa was transported to Pinal County Adult Detention Center.

On July 24, John Kloos was located by police in his vehicle, which was parked at the Kenilworth Sports Park after the park had closed. Police allegedly found Kloos having difficult breathing and AMR was called to the scene to treat him. After waking up, Kloos reportedly admitted to smoking fentanyl and a search of Kloos’ vehicle revealed two fentanyl pills and three plastic straws. Kloos was transported to Florence Anthem Hospital and charges of drug possession and drug paraphernalia were forwarded to the county attorney’s office.

O July 26, Michael Rojo was arrested after police found him pacing around outside the closed Cole and Maud Mortuary building on Coolidge Avenue. After first allegedly giving a false name, police recognized Rojo from a recent photo about a suspect who had possibly stolen a vehicle. A records check showed that Rojo had an active warrant out of Casa Grande. A search of Rojo’s belongings allegedly revealed a bag containing 4.9 grams of meth inside a brown purse. Rojo was later transported to the county jail.

On July 29, police were notified of a possible assault committed by Steven Jones in the 500 block of West Coolidge Avenue. After speaking with the victim and a witness, police determined that Jones had caused injuries, and the case was forwarded to the city prosecutor. Attempts to contact Jones were unsuccessful.

On July 31, police made contact with Martin Vega, who was found walking away from his vehicle after he parked it off the westbound lane of I-8. Vega allegedly told police his vehicle had broken down, and he requested a ride to the nearest truck stop. When police said they could accommodate his request after a search, Vega pulled out a small baggie which contained .73 grams of meth. Vega was transported by police to the Petro truck stop on Sunland Gin Road and I-10, but charges of drug possession were forwarded to the county attorney’s office.

On August 4, police made contact with Gregory Villarreal, who they observed on the railroad tracks near State Route 287, just north of the Coolidge Walmart. According to police, when told he was trespassing, Villarreal removed a glass pipe and smashed it on the ground. Police searched Villarreal’s person and found a red container with white residue. Villarreal was cited for trespassing and possessing drug paraphernalia, and then released.

Incidents and reports

On July 1, police were notified that someone had discovered their former partner had used their credit card without permission, spending over $240. According to police, the victim had recently kicked them out their home. The suspect, Michael White, allegedly admitted to police over the phone they had used the card but it was for items for their house. Police completed a Coolidge City Charging Review for the incident.

On July 3, an unknown suspect made threatening phone calls to employees at the Safeway on Arizona Boulevard. According to the report, employees told police a suspect was screaming at them over the phone and at one point claimed they had a gun and were going to hurt people in the store, although that turned out to be false. The suspect’s identify could not be identified from the phone number but a report was taken for threatening or intimidating remarks, a class one misdemeanor.

On July 9, police were dispatched to the Family Dollar in response to a shoplifting incident. Surveillance footage shows several subjects conceal items inside their clothing and exit the store with paying. Police identified the suspects as Kristina Slaughter and John Szymkowski. A records check of Slaughter shows seven counts of shoplifting over the past five years. The value of the stolen items was estimated at $22 and charges were forwarded to the county attorney’s office.

On July 27, police were notified of a potential theft at the Circle K at 495 South Arizona Boulevard. Surveillance footage shown to police shows a suspect grabbing two 16-packs of Budweiser cans and then exiting the store without paying. The value of the stolen goods was estimated to be $30. Despite a confirmed license plate of the vehicle the suspect got into, an investigation showed that the vehicle was registered to someone living in the Gila River Indian Community. The GRIC resident told police there that they’d been picking up a friend, which is common. The case was suspended pending further information or leads.

On August 5, an unidentified suspect allegedly tried to steal a television from the Walmart on Arizona Boulevard. Police were notified and shown surveillance footage of the suspect purchasing two drinks but leaving without paying for the TV. The suspect later abandoned the TV near the parking lot, and although the box was damaged, employees said the TV was still sellable. The case was suspended pending further information.


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