The following was taken from the records at the Coolidge Police Department.

Arrests & Citations

On May 21, police conducted a traffic stop on a swerving vehicle traveling westbound on Coolidge Avenue. The driver, Jay Ochs, allegedly showed signs of intoxication including appearing off balance when exiting the vehicle. Ochs was arrested and transported to the Coolidge Police Department, where a records check showed Ochs had two previous DUIs in 2018 and 2019. A breath test showed Ochs had a BAC of .231. Ochs was charged with aggravated DUI.

On May 22, Tia Starns and Joseph Ortiz were both cited for criminal damage in response to reports of a disturbance in the 1200 block of West Harding Avenue. Police found damage at the residence including broken glass from a light fixture and an iPhone that was broken. Both suspects were released at the scene.

On May 31, Brandon Hopper was stopped for speeding and officers noted a strong smell of alcohol coming off of his breath. A search of Hopper’s vehicle allegedly revealed an open beer can on the floor. Hopper was arrested and cited for DUI and containing liquor in a motor vehicle.

On June 1, the theft of an iPhone was reported to police, and the victim identified Keon Sanders as the suspect due to tracking of the phone’s location. Police made contact with Sanders in the 600 block of East Houser Road, and a records check showed that Sanders had a warrant out of Casa Grande. After being arrested for the warrant, Sanders allegedly admitted to stealing the phone and promised to give it back. However, when the phone was returned, the phone was damaged and the SIM card was missing. Sanders was charged with the theft.

On June 2, charges were officially filed against Richard Lara for arson and failure to comply with a court order. Lara had been recently served an order of protection stating he was not allowed to be on the property where the fire occurred. In an interview with police, Lara allegedly stated he had started a fire but put it out before he left, and that the residence had caught fire from faulty wiring. Nobody was injured in the fire, which was extinguished by the Coolidge Fire Department with help from the Florence Fire Department.

On June 3, police were told that someone was smoking narcotics at a store in the 900 block of Arizona Boulevard. Police found Savannah Valenzuela at the scene, who allegedly told officers she had thrown a piece of burnt aluminum foil in the waste bin. Police located the foil with a partial fentanyl pill stuck to it. A search of Valenzuela’s person also found a bag with a small amount of meth in her purse. Full charges of drug possession, and drug paraphernalia are pending lab results.

On June 7, police were told that Daniel Nunez was attempting to enter a vehicle despite being intoxicated. Police made contact with Nunez while he was seated inside the parked vehicle. Two open containers of alcohol were seen inside the car. Nunez was then arrested for the open containers and transported to the Coolidge Police Department, where a breath test showed Nunez had a BAC of .250. Nunez was cited for four counts of DUI and released.

On June 9, police conducted a traffic stop on a swerving vehicle being driven by Michael Rivera. A records check showed Rivera had a suspended license, and a search of the vehicle allegedly found drug paraphernalia including a cut straw, pieces of burnt foil and two glass pipes. One piece of foil still had a partial fentanyl pill inside. Rivera was cited for driving on a suspended license and released with charges of narcotics possession and drug paraphernalia sent to the county attorney’s office.

On June 10, police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle being driven by Joseph Rutledge, due to prior knowledge of a search warrant. According to police, Rutledge not only resisted arrest but attempted to put the car into drive while the driver’s side door was still open and the police officer was holding Rutledge’s wrist. The arresting officer was able to jump into the car and put the steering column back into park. Rutledge then fled the scene on foot and was pursued and eventually tasered in a public park. Rutledge was then transported to Florence Hospital. Rutledge was charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest and failure to comply with a lawful order.

On June 11, police were notified of a trespassing incident in the 3300 block of South La Palma Road. At the residence police observed three subjects loading property into a vehicle: Michael Hastings, Arthur Bolgren and Ashley Hoppe. After speaking with Hoppe, police asked them to empty their pockets, which allegedly revealed a straw and purple container which contained a blue fentanyl pill. Hoppe was arrested and charged with narcotics possession and drug paraphernalia, while Hastings and Bolgren were cited for trespassing.

On June 14, Cody Medina was arrested when police identified him walking near West Carolina Street and North Irene Street. Officers were looking for Medina due to an active Coolidge warrant. During a search of Medina’s person, police found two bags in his wallet that contained 0.3 grams of meth. Medina was transported to Pinal County Adult Detention Center for the warrant and new charges of drug possession.

On June 16, police arrested Emmitt Spurlock for four active Coolidge warrants. Spurlock was identified entering a residence in the 300 block of West Pima Avenue. A records check showed that Spurlock had three more warrants out of Pinal County Superior Court. Spurlock was released from the Coolidge warrants by the city magistrate, but was transported to Pinal County Adult Detention Center for the Pinal County warrants.

Incidents & Reports

On May 25, police were told a homemade trailer had been stolen from the 900 block of West Clarence Street. The trailer was valued at $400. The case was suspended pending further leads.

On June 5, a suspect was seen stealing a shopping cart from the Family Dollar on Arizona Boulevard. A store employee said the noticed the suspect taking the cart out of the store and walking away with it. The cart is valued at $500. Surveillance footage shows the suspect’s face, although identification is pending and the case is currently open.

On June 5, a purse was stolen from someone in the 2200 block of West Central Avenue. Police made contact with the victim who said they had $200 in their purse at the time it went missing. The purse itself is also valued at $50, as well as a driver’s license which costs $25 to replace. The case was suspended pending leads.

On June 12, police were notified of damage to a fence in the 400 block of West Hess Avenue. Police noted that the metal was pushed in and tire marks indicated the damage was the result of a vehicle hitting the fence. Damage to the property was estimated to cost $700. There was no surveillance footage of the incident and the case was suspended pending further evidence or leads.

On June 15, police were notified of a theft in the 1000 block of Arizona Boulevard. The victim told police that someone had stolen a Predator 4000 generator and an Amazon Fire tablet from their carport sometime in the early morning. The items were valued at $850. There was no video surveillance and the case was suspended pending further discoveries.

On June 18, the Coolidge on-duty dispatcher radioed that two suspects had just stolen beer from the Circle K at 495 Arizona Boulevard and had run away from the store without paying. Surveillance footage shows two men take three 12-packs of Corona beer. The beer was valued at just over $52. The case was suspended pending leads.


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