The following was taken from the records at the Coolidge Police Department.

Arrests and citations

On May 9, Dominic Aceves was allegedly observed on surveillance footage stealing items from the Walmart in North Coolidge, and later fleeing the store with a shopping cart containing assorted goods. Walmart employees said they observed Aceves riding a bicycle away from the store while towing the cart. A criminal citation against Aceves was forwarded for service.

On May 10, police were notified of an incident at the Grande Vista Motel during which a subject broke a window trying to enter a room. Police made contact with Brian Araujo several blocks away. Araujo allegedly admitted to breaking the window and was taken to the Coolidge Police Department. The motel estimated that damage to the window was valued at $1,000. Araujo was cited for criminal damage and released.

On May 16, Michael Jones-Ginyard was arrested and processed for DUI to the slightest degree (drugs). Police conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle Jones-Ginyard was driving. Police reportedly identified several marijuana cigarettes in the center console and Jones-Ginyard allegedly admitted to police he’d smoked marijuana recently. Jones-Ginyard failed several sobriety tests and was subsequently transported to the Coolidge Police Department for processing. Jones-Ginyard was later released, and charges were forwarded to the Coolidge City Court, pending lab results.

On May 17, Vincent Granillo was identified as having stolen a scanner from the Family Dollar at 555 Arizona Boulevard earlier that day. Granillo was located and issued a citation for the theft, then released.

On May 20, Kara Azzabi was arrested after police allegedly discovered baggies containing 2.7 grams of cocaine in her vehicle. Azzabi was released on scene but charges of drug possession and drug paraphernalia were forwarded to the county attorney’s office.

On May 23, Valentine Brewer was arrested for disorderly conduct in the 900 block of West Toltec Drive. Police were dispatched to the area after reports of Brewer with a rifle. A witness said that Brewer had been threatening to shoot himself and had damaged a wall during the incident. Brewer was taken by AMR to Florence Anthem Hospital, and charges of disorderly conduct were forward to the county attorney’s office.

On May 25, police stopped a vehicle driving without tail lights on West Bealey Avenue. The driver, Taylor Woods, allegedly failed several sobriety tests and was arrested and taken to the Coolidge Police Department. At the station, Woods took a breath test and showed a BAC of .118. A bag fell out of Woods’ hat which police identified as 0.8 grams of cocaine. Woods was released but charges of DUI, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of narcotics were forwarded to the county attorney’s office for review.

On May 25, Jordan Cortese was charged with possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Police made contact with Cortese due to his pickup truck having a large crack in the windshield. A search of the vehicle allegedly found 0.6 grams of meth and over a dozen hypodermic needles, a scale, and a green plastic vial. Cortese was released on scene but charges were forwarded to the county attorney’s office.

On May 26, police stopped Duwone Reed after observing his vehicle swerving and speeding at 60 mph in a 35 mph zone. Reed allegedly failed several sobriety tests and was arrested. A later breath test showed Reed had a BAC of .110. Reed was released and cited on charges of speeding and DUI.

On May 27, Austin Greeley was cited for reckless driving and possessing open containers of alcohol in his vehicle. Police conducted a traffic stop on Greeley when they saw garbage coming out of the back of his truck. A search of the vehicle allegedly revealed open containers of alcohol in the center console and on the floorboard.

On May 27, Fabian Kisto was identified as having shoplifted goods from the Circle K at 1541 North Arizona Boulevard. Surveillance footage from the store shows Kisto allegedly take two hot dogs and two cans of Vizzy Seltzer Pineapple and leave without paying. The items were valued at $10. An employee had photographed the license plate for Kisto’s Chevrolet, and police were able to locate his vehicle in the Gila River Indian Community. Kisto was arrested by GRIC police, and a summons was requested for Kisto to the Coolidge City Courts on charges of shoplifting removal and concealment.

Incidents and reports

On May 16, police were notified of criminal damage that occurred to a resident’s truck. The victim told police they’d found their Chevrolet Cruz’ gas tank open and a pile of rocks and dirt on top of the trunk. The rocks had caused scratches, and the damage was estimated to cost $200 to repair. No suspects were identified and the case was suspended.

On May 21, police were notified of a burglary from someone’s vehicle parked in the 1200 block of West Seagoe Avenue. A suspect allegedly opened the victim’s trunk and grabbed a number of items, including the victim’s wallet, which contained $300 in cash. Several attempts to use the victim’s credit card were made, although the transactions were rejected. The case was suspended pending further leads.

On May 22, police were notified that a woman’s purse was stolen at the Safeway in North Coolidge when the victim left it in a shopping cart. The victim said they forgot their purse was in the shopping cart and drove away, until realizing what had happened a few minutes later. The items in the purse were valued at $7,000, including rare and valuable coins. Surveillance footage did not identify any potential leads and the case was suspended.

On May 23, a reporting party notified police that their pickup truck had been broken into while parked near the intersection of West Coolidge Avenue and Skousen Road. Police noted that the driver’s side window was shattered and the steering column was broken. The damage to the vehicle was estimated to cost $3,000. With no suspects identified, the case was suspended.

On May 26, police were dispatched to the 600 block of South Jefferson Street in reference to a stolen vehicle. The victim told police that their Polaris Sportsman ATV was taken off their back porch. The Polaris was valued at $7,000. Due to a lack of leads, the case was suspended.

On May 28, a shoplifting incident allegedly occurred at the Tractor Supply store on Arizona Boulevard. According to police, surveillance footage showed a suspect take a battery charger, tandem fender and chop saw grinder wheel, and leave without paying. The items were valued altogether at around $340. Video and vehicle descriptions were distributed to officers to aid in discovering the thief, but the case was suspended.


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