The following was taken from the records at the Coolidge Police Department.

Arrests and citations

On March 23, Gerwin Williams was arrested for DUI after police officers were dispatched to a residence about a recent fight. Police conducted a traffic stop on Williams’ area after he was observed speeding away from the site. Williams was asked to conduct sobriety tests and a breath test allegedly showed a BAC of .119. Williams was arrested and later transported to the hospital for evaluation.

On March 24, Seth Veik was issued two citations after allegedly causing a vehicle collision with another car trying to make a left turn. The collision did not result in injuries to either party but according to Veik, there was a misunderstanding of where to meet afterwards. The victim claims they waited five minutes in one location, while Veik says he waited in another. The citations were for failing to control the vehicle and for failure to return to the accident scene.

On April 2, police responded to a 911 call regarding an altercation in the 2200 block of West Pinkley Avenue. The victim stated Jacob Harris had broken a phone during the incident. Harris was contacted by police and reportedly confirmed he had destroyed the victim’s phone. After speaking with him about the incident, police cited Harris for disorderly conduct and criminal damage, then released him.

On April 9, Jessica Rabago and Ramon Ruiz were cited for disorderly conduct after police received a call about a verbal altercation. Rabago was released, but Ruiz was transported to the Coolidge Police Department for processing.

On April 9, police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle whose tail lights were out. The driver, Johnny Evins, was found to have a suspended driver’s license and active warrants out of Coolidge and Eloy. Evins was cited for the suspended license and released on the promise of appearing in court at a later date.

On April 11, police were dispatched to the Circle K at 1541 North Arizona Boulevard in response to reports of a swerving vehicle. Police conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle driven by Jacob Roberts. Inside Roberts’ vehicle, police said they found two open vodka bottles. After allegedly showing some signs of impairment, a breath showed a BAC under 0.08. Roberts was still cited for DUI, slightest degree, and having an open container of alcohol, before being released.

On April 13, Cobie Slaughter was found asleep inside his vehicle in the 300 block of West Roosevelt Avenue. Police were at the site in reference to a stolen antenna off a resident’s car. According to police, Slaughter was asked to step out of the vehicle and he resisted arrest, trying to run away. Slaughter was placed under arrest and a search of his vehicle revealed the missing antenna. The antenna was returned to its owner, and Slaughter was cited for theft, before being transported to Banner Desert Medical Center Hospital for further evaluation.

On April 13, Jeremiah Moore was cited for disorderly conducted over an altercation that occurred in the 600 block of West Northern Avenue. Moore allegedly cursed and screamed at subjects and caused an overall disturbance. After speaking with Moore, police issued them the citation after deciding Moore was the aggressor in the incident. Moore was then released.

Incidents and reports

On March 29, it was reported to police that a suspect had exited the Dollar General on Arizona Boulevard with a baby stroller full of stolen laundry detergent. Upon arrival, police were able to locate the baby stroller in an alley nearby. The items, valued at just over $80, were returned to the store. Pictures of the suspect were taken, and the case was suspended until the suspect is identified.

On April 2, a Coolidge resident was allegedly scammed out of $6,000 after complying with a request to transfer money from their bank to Amazon gift cards. The victim realized what they had done after the criminals, posing as Amazon representatives, hung up. Police provided resources to the victim on their options and how to protect themselves going forward. The case was closed.

On April 4, police responded to reports of an argument in the 300 block of West Byrd Avenue. Police made contact with two subjects who said a third person had come into their backyard and attacked them. Allegedly the suspect attacked one victim with a shovel, injuring their hand. AMR arrived on the scene and the victim’s hand was treated. The case was suspended pending the identification of the attacker; if found they would be charged with aggravated assault.

On April 4, police responded to an alleged robbery that occurred in the 500 block of West Lincoln Avenue. According to the owner, the residence had been unoccupied for some time as it belonged to their now deceased mother. The owner said when they inspected the home, they found the back bedroom window was broken into and several items were taken, including a lawn mower, weed eater, and 2 televisions. Altogether the stolen items are valued at $678, and the cost to repair the window is $150. The case was suspended pending further evidence or identification of a suspect.

On April 13, police were notified that a washer and dryer had been stolen from one of the new model homes at Martin Valley. A representative for the construction company, D.R. Horton homes, said that garage and front door were open when they came into work that morning. New occupants were expected to move in on Thursday, the 15th. The items were valued at $10,000. There are no suspect leads and the case was suspended.

On March 21, police were notified of a possible indecent exposure incident. The victim said they were delivering food to a residence and when they opened the door, the customer exposed themselves. Although the police identified a suspect, the victim later refused to cooperate with the investigation, and so the case was closed.


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