The following was taken from the police records at the Coolidge Police Department.

Arrests and citations

On March 20, John Szymbowski and Savannah Valenzuela were arrested during a traffic stop when police allegedly identified drug paraphernalia in their vehicle. A records check also showed both suspects had active warrants out of Casa Grande and Eloy. Police found a fentanyl pill wrapped inside a piece of tin foil on the vehicle’s floorboard. Valenzuela was cited and released for the drug paraphernalia, while Szymbowski was transported to Pinal County Detention Center for his warrants.

On March 21, Richard Lara was cited for reckless burning after reportedly starting a fire in a trash can outside his residence. Police arrived on the scene and determined that the trash fire was dangerously close to Lara’s shed, which posed a hazard. According to police, Lara had been warned before about reckless burning, with over a dozen calls to police made in the past 3 years.

On March 22, Angela Vargas was arrested while pumping gas into her vehicle as police allegedly observed her to be disoriented and losing balance. Vargas appeared not to know what time it was or where she was, and a search of her vehicle allegedly found two fentanyl pills, as well as burnt aluminum foil. Vargas was charged with drug possession and later released.

On March 22, Jason Posey was charged with disorderly conduct for a verbal argument during which the victim’s car mirror was broken. The victim said that Posey had punched the car mirror, while Posey told police the mirror had become dislodged when the other person was driving away and the mirror struck his elbow. The charges were forwarded to the Coolidge city prosecutor for review.

On March 28, police forwarded charges against Larry Honea of assault, criminal damage and disorderly conduct. Police made contact with the victim earlier that day, who said Honea had become violent and threw objects around the residence, destroying a power strip outlet in the process. According to police, the victim had video recordings of the incident. Hone had yet to be located by police.

On April 2, police were notified that Alexus Toomire was in violation of a court order by appearing at a local residence. The victim said Toomire had engaged with them verbally before leaving. Charges of violating court orders were forwarded against Toomire.

On April 3, Raul Romero Jr. was arrested during a traffic stop for possession of trace amounts of meth as well as drug paraphernalia. Romero was later booked into Pinal County Detention Center for an active felony warrant out of Pinal County.

On April 3, police pulled over Anten Jensen for failing to stop at an intersection. Police identified a glass smoking device inside Jensen’s vehicle and Jensen reportedly admitted to recently smoking meth. A records check showed Jensen had a suspended drivers license. Jensen was cited and released for charges of aggravated DUI, pending lab results, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On April 4, police were dispatched to the 200 block of West Palm Court in reference to subjects smoking in their vehicle. Police allegedly found Nathaniel Lara and Samantha Sanderson passed out, with a visible piece of aluminum foil with burnt residue. The subjects admitted to smoking fentanyl earlier both were cited for paraphernalia. Lara was arrested for two active Coolidge warrants and transported to Pinal county Adult Detention Center.

On April 5, police were dispatched to the Safeway on Arizona Boulevard in response to a subject who was being disruptive. Store employees said that the subject, Tosh Pancott, got angry when asked for ID to purchase alcohol, and that they had tried to conceal a bottle of vodka in their jeans. Police located Pancott on a different part of Arizona Boulevard with the alcohol; Pancott was cited for shoplifting and released.

Incidents and reports

On March 19, police were notified of criminal damage to a vehicle in the 300 block of West Hess Avenue. Police observed that the vehicle had its rear window shattered. The window repair was valued at $400. No suspects were identified and the case was suspended.

On March 19, a wallet was allegedly stolen in the 600 block of West Roosevelt Avenue when the victim left it in the living room of a residence and returned later to find it missing. The wallet was valued at $10, and a replacement drivers license was valued at $25. The case was suspended.

On March 30, police were notified that an unknown suspect had burglarized a victim’s vehicle while they were delivering pizza to a nearby residence. The victim said that after delivering a pizza in the 800 block of West Baldwin Loop, their phone and revolver were found missing, together valued at $900. The victim said they noticed the burglar had left the glove box open. No suspects were identified and the case was suspended.

On March 30, police arrived on the scene of an accident where two subjects had struck a cow with their car. The driver and passenger were unharmed, but police found a bag in the vehicle with 2.5 grams of fentanyl. Potential charges for DUI were pending results of a blood examination.


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