The following was taken from the records at the Coolidge Police Department.

Arrests & Citations

On Feb. 21, Carlotta Hopper was arrested after police allegedly located her asleep in a Uhaul truck parked on the wrong side of the road at 3rd Street and Harding Avenue. A search of the vehicle found over 100 fentanyl pills, as well as drug paraphernalia. Hopper reportedly attempted to flea the scene but police captured her before she crossed the street. Hopper was charged with narcotics drug possession for both sale and use as well as possession of paraphernalia.

On March 2, Taylor Slaughter was arrested during a traffic stop for five active Coolidge warrants. Slaughter allegedly admitted to police of drug use that morning, including meth and fentanyl. After complaining of abdominal pain, Slaughter was transported to the Casa Grande Hospital and the five warrants were reinstated. Charges for DUI are under review pending lab results and so the case status remains open.

On March 3, police were notified of an ongoing altercation outside a residence in the 800 block of West Gibson Avenue. After interviewing the three subjects, police charged Francisco Urquides, Faith Urquides and Jaime Campos with assault and disorderly conduct for allegedly taking part in a fight which included punching, brandishing a wrench and a long pole, and making threats towards one another.

On March 4, police stopped a vehicle that had no trailer rear lights and no license plate. The driver, Anthony Grayson, allegedly did not have a valid driver’s license. Also, the passenger, Jacklynn Hines, was found to have an active Florence warrant, and was arrested. A search of the vehicle reportedly revealed several glass pipes, melted straws, aluminum foil and a small amount of meth. Grayson was arrested for drug possession and paraphernalia. Both suspects were transported to Pinal County jail.

On March 5, police were notified that a woman was trying to deliver drugs to her cousin at an office in the 1000 block of Arizona Boulevard. Police made contact with Jeanne Kovacovich, who turned over a pack of cigarette which allegedly contained three hydrocodone pills. Kovacovich was arrested for narcotics possession, then later released.

On March 5, police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle traveling unusually slowly, around 5 miles per hour, and made contact with the driver, Isidro Magallanez. Magallanez agreed to a search and police allegedly found two baggies containing 2.2 grams of meth, and a records check showed Magallanez had has his license revoked for a prior DUI. Magallanez was arrested for charges of drug possession and paraphernalia and transported to Pinal County Adult Detention Center.

On March 6, Melissa Garcia was arrested during a traffic stop for carrying 0.6 grams of meth on her person, as well as having an open liquor container in her car while driving. Several charges were forwarded to the county, including possession of dangerous drugs, drug paraphernalia, and failure to provide evidence of driver’s identity.

On March 6, Charles Garcia Jr. was allegedly caught shoplifting items at the Walmart on Arizona Boulevard. Garcia was seen by employees putting store items in a backpack including men’s underwear and pliers. The value of the items were totaled at $37. Upon arrival, police searched Garcia and also allegedly found some drug paraphernalia. Garcia was cited and released.

On March 6, Alden Allison was stopped for driving without headlights on. Allison reportedly confessed to police that he’d been drinking that evening, and a breath test showed a BAC of .270. Allison was cited for DUI charges, and then was transported to the hospital in Sacaton.

On March 6, police responded to a 911 and made contact with Sidney Rogers and Jordan Cortese. A search of Cortese’s person revealed syringes, a flashlight and a baggie with meth. Inside the flashlight was another bag of meth as well as mushrooms. Altogether Cortese allegedly had 6.6 grams of meth, and a bag of meth was also found on Rogers as well. Cortese was arrested for drug possession and paraphernalia, while Rogers had charges forwarded to the county attorney’s office.

On March 7, Victor Licano was arrested for DUI after nearly colliding with another vehicle in the Walmart parking lot. During a traffic stop, Licano reportedly admitted he was driving on a suspended license. An initial breath test showed a BAC of .166, but when Licano was taken to the station the reading jumped to a BAC of .203. Charges of DUI were forwarded to the county, while Licano was released.

On March 8, police conducted a traffic stop on a speeding vehicle going over 70 mph in a 40 mph zone. A records check showed that the driver, James Brown, was driving with a suspended license. Brown was cited for the suspension and speeding violations, then released.

Incidents & Reports

On Feb. 26, several doors were stolen from the 800 block of West Carolina Street, where several new homes were being built. Six interior doors and two exterior doors were stolen, for a total value of $1,140. There was no surveillance footage of the site but police were requested to do a close patrol of the construction area.

On Feb. 27, Coolidge police located and recovered a vehicle that had been stolen out of Eloy. The vehicle had a flat tire and was missing a battery, and the battery terminal wire was cut. Police also found drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle. The vehicle was turned back over to its owner.

On March 5, a man came into the police station to report an assault which had occurred in the 1200 block of Arizona Boulevard. Another man had confronted the complainant and attempted to spray him and his dog with pepper spray, but missed. Police could not locate the suspect and the case was suspended.

On March 6, police were notified of a burglary in the 300 block of West Coolidge Avenue. A propane tank was stolen from a resident’s backyard valued at $60. The resident did not have surveillance cameras the case was suspended pending leads.

On March 7, police found an open jeep parked in the 1000 block of West Vah Ki Inn Road, and asked to inspect the vehicle. After consent to search the car, police found several pieces of aluminum foil with burnt residue, cut and burnt straws and a small bag containing 0.5 grams of meth. No charges were issued but the police confiscated the drugs and paraphernalia.


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