The following was taken from the records at the Coolidge Police Department.

Arrest & Citations

On Jan. 7, Jacob Garza was cited and released following a traffic stop for driving on a suspended license.

On Jan. 12, police were notified of a vehicle that was weaving into oncoming traffic along Arizona Boulevard. Police conducted a traffic stop and the driver, Marcos Garcia, told police he’d been drinking throughout the day. Garcia was arrested for DUI and a breath test at the Coolidge police department showed Garcia had a .229 BAC. Garcia was charged with four offenses including Extreme DUI and was released.

On Jan. 16, Andrew Smith was cited and released for drug paraphernalia during a traffic stop. Items in Smith’s vehicle included pieces of foil, burnt plastic straws and empty baggies Smith told police had previously contained fentanyl.

On Jan. 19, Therin Castillo was arrested, cited and released for trespassing at the Safeway Store on Arizona Boulevard. Store employees had asked Castillo to leave multiple times and he refused, up until employees called the police. Castillo had already been given a written warning to stay away from the store at an earlier date.

On Jan. 23, Stephan Riegel was arrested during a traffic stop after police observed he was driving with his car’s headlights out. A records check showed that Riegel had two active warrants, including one for DUI. Riegel told police he’d been drinking earlier that evening, and a breath test showed that Riegel had a BAC of .200. Riegel was arrested for aggravated DUI, with driving privileges suspended, and was transported to Pinal County Adult Detention Center.

On Jan. 24, police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle making an awkward right turn into oncoming traffic. The driver, Angel Bryan Mazacan, was described by police as having slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. A breath test taken for Mazacan at the police department showed him having a BAC of .252. Mazacan was also found to have a suspended license. The charge of aggravated DUI was forwarded to the county attorney’s office, and Mazacan was released.

On. Jan 26, Clinton Slaughter Sr. was arrested during a traffic stop after a records showed he was driving on a suspended license. Mr. Slaughter was also found to have two valid Coolidge warrants, and was transported to the Core Civic Detention Facility.

On Jan. 26, police pulled over a vehicle which had earlier stopped for a prolonged period of time in the middle of Arizona Boulevard. The driver, David Aragon, told police he didn’t have a driver’s license. A vehicle search revealed two glass pipes, a spoon with traces of meth, and some syringes. Inside Aragon’s jacket pocket was a tin with 0.4 grams of meth. Police also found a compound bow and several rifles in the vehicle, despite Aragon being a prohibited possessor. Aragon was transported to the county jail on active warrants and additional charges.

Incidents & Reports

On Jan. 1, two suspects committed shoplifting at the Circle K on Arizona Boulevard, stealing several food items including two hot dogs, two bags of Funyuns, and two 12-packs of beer. The store estimated the value of the stolen items to be $41.75. The suspects could not be identified from surveillance footage and the case was suspended.

On Jan. 8, police were notified that a suspect had tricked Walgreens employees into putting $980 onto two prepaid cards without paying for them. The police were able to identify a suspect but could not locate or make contact them, and the case was suspended.

On Jan. 13, police spoke with a man who claimed someone was illegally dumping trash on his property. The victim said that an unknown suspect was filling the dumpsters of apartments he owned in the 500 block of North Main Street, and that tenants could not empty their own trash. The trash had cost the victim $2,000 in removal fees. Because the victim did not have leads or cameras at the location, the case was suspended pending further information.

On Jan. 14, two unidentified suspects stole cases of Budweiser beer from the Circle K store on Arizona Boulevard. The value of the beer was estimated at $24.00. The case was suspended.

On Jan. 16, police were informed that a suspect had stolen beauty products from the Dollar General on Arizona Boulevard. The stolen items were valued at $65.00. The suspect could not be identified from the surveillance footage and the case was suspended.

On Jan. 18, Safeway employees reported that two suspects had stolen over a dozen liquor items without paying. Based on the video surveillance footage, victims estimate the value of the stolen liquor to be just over $400. The suspects could not be identified from the footage and the case was suspended.

On Jan. 19, the Walgreens on Arizona Boulevard reported a shoplifting incident during which two suspects stole hand sanitizer and electronic items without paying. The store valued the items at around $100. The case was suspended.

On Jan. 22, police spoke with a victim of fraud who reported several unauthorized transactions totaling around $1,900. According to the victim, their account was hacked by a company posing as Amazon and/or a debt collector. The victim had been given a provisional credit by their bank for the loss. The case was suspended.

On Jan. 26, a victim informed police that someone in their residence had stolen $30 from their piggy bank. Despite telling the police they had suspicions, the victim would not identify any suspects by name and the case was suspended.


Aaron Dorman is the Casa Grande reporter at PinalCentral, covering government, schools, business and more. He can be reached at

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